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Native life forms include Mind Worms, Spore Launchers, Fungal Towers, Isles of the Deep, Sealurks, and Locusts of Chiron. They engage in Psi Combat when they are both attacking or attacked.

All native life forms go through a lifecycle. Seven different phases of growth have been identified: Hatchling, Larval Mass, Pre-Boil, Boil, Mature Boil, Great Boil, and Demon Boil. Destroyed boils will drop so-called "planet pearls," which are converted directly into energy credits. The larger and more mature a boil, the more dangerous it is, and the more pearls it drops. A unit receives a +12.5% combat bonus for each lifecycle. Life forms bred by factions that control The Xenoempathy Dome, The Pholus Mutagen, or The Voice of Planet or at bases that contain a Biology Lab, Centauri Preserve, Temple of Planet, or Bioenhancement Center receive a +1 lifecycle for each facility or secret project.

Native life forms controlled by a human or alien faction do not require support when they are on xenofungus squares. Tame native life can be released into the wild using the ‘Action’ menu.

Wild native lifeforms outside bases fight at reduced strength before 2115. When attacking bases, they fight at reduced strength until 2150. During the perihelion of Alpha Centauri B, native life forms can be more aggressive and numerous. So there are more of them, and the gain morale levels (a lifecycle bonus).

See also Wild Natives and Fungus.