Centauri Preserve

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Centauri Preserve
Centauri Preserve.png
Ecology Bonus
Mineral rows 10
Maintenance 2
Requires Centauri Meditation
In the years since our arrival, we have foolishly disrupted so

many of Planet’s ecosystems that entire species may vanish
without our ever having understood, or even known them. We must halt
this plunder, and halt it immediately, for our own survival as a
species depends on our ability to strike a balance on this world.

—Commissioner Pravin Lal,
“Mind Worm, Mind Worm”

Reduces effect of industry on Planet’s ecological. Any Native life forms bred at this base gain a +1 lifecycle bonus.

If constructed after a faction’s first report of fungus growth, the amount of minerals that can be produced by any of that faction’s bases before causing ecological damage will be increased by one. This effect is permanent even if the facility is destroyed or the base lost.