Wild Natives and Fungus

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Whenever a land or sea unit is moved into an unoccupied fungus square that is not adjacent to a Sensor Array or base there is a chance that the fungus will ‘spawn’ a wild Native life form. Encountering natives prevents movement into squares and does not cost move points. Multiple units failing to move into a square does not appear to trigger natives.[confirm] Backtracking through fungus, even on the same turn, will spawn natives as normal if the square was left unoccupied.

Wild native life forms will not usually attack natives controlled by a faction.

Spawn Chance

Some approximate values for the odds to discover a native unit per square are given below:

  • Normal land fungus = 1/3
  • Fungus + river = 1/9
  • Fungus + road = 1/27
  • Fungus within one square of Sensor Array, or base = 0 (Note: Does not appear to be true in the case of sensor arrays. Tested on SMAXSid Meier's Alien Crossfire (Cross = X)/Yitzi, Thinker difficulty, with PLANET rating of 0 and wildlife set to "abundant." Might have been undergoing the perihelion event as well. Speculation: Odds are not constant but dependent upon certain variables, one or all of those factors created a nonzero chance to spawn natives.)
  • Fungus + Mag Tube = 0
  • Sea fungus appears to have lower odds than land fungus

Note: that natives themselves and a faction that controls The Xenoempathy Dome use fungus road odds for normal fungus squares.

Combat Rules

Any Psi damage inflicted will be spread (at 100%) to all of the same type of native in the tile (and gives appropriate planetpearl bonuses) except for the Locusts of Chiron that must be destroyed one at a time. Native lifeforms do not suffer from hasty penalties.

If a wild native life form is successfully attacked and destroyed, the ‘husks’ can be harvested for their planetpearls at a bonus of 10 energy per lifecycle level (starting at 10 for hatchling).

Some wild lifeforms may be captured if a faction possess a positive Planet rating. The rating also sets a limit on the total number of native life forms that can be controlled by a faction.