Mind Worms

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Mind Worms
Mind Worms.png
Mineral rows 5
Requires Centauri Empathy
Chassis Infantry
Module Psi Attack
Armor Psi Defense
Ability none

The dominant native life form of Planet is the mind worm, a horrid-looking little parasitic carnivore about 10 cm long. A single mind worm is a dangerous pest, able to burrow into a human brain and devour it, while the victim succumbs to violent delusions or dangerous fantasies, or lives out his deepest terrors.

Far worse than a single worm, mind worms are known to form vast mobile colonies, called “boils”, which can overwhelm a military unit or a whole human base.

With proper breeding and bonding techniques, Mind Worms can also be bred in captivity and controlled by skilled brood trainers.