Biology Lab

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Biology Lab
Biology Lab.png
Research and PSI
Mineral rows 6
Maintenance 1
Requires Centauri Empathy
Although Planet’s native life is based, like Earth’s, on right-handed

DNA, and codes for all the same amino acids, the inevitable chemical
and structural differences from a billion years of evolution in an
alien environment render the native plant life highly poisonous
to humans. Juicy, ripe grenade fruits may look appealing, but a
mouthful of organonitrates will certainly change your mind in a hurry.

—Lady Deirdre Skye,
“A Comparative Biology of Planet”

Repairs Native life forms quickly. +2 labs per turn. Any Native life forms bred at this base gains a +1 lifecycle bonus.

Enables researchers to prevent PlanetBlight from destroying all forests and farms within base’s production radius and enables them to discover a beneficial bacterium that provides +1 nutrient per square for 10 years.