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Though there are many different species of plant life, the dominant form is the crimson, fantastically shaped xenofungus (or fungus), which covers vast tracts of the surface. Its near cousin, sea fungus, is equally ubiquitous in Planet’s oceans and seas.

Fungus impedes movement ,units may have difficulty entering fungus squares. Increasing social engineering Planet rating or possession of The Xenoempathy Dome can alleviate this problem. If there is a unit in a fungus square, another unit with at least one movement will always be able to enter that square.

Fungus has a defensive (+50%) value when defending against other factions. Against wild native life forms fungus has negative defensive value. This modifier is separate from the 3:2 advantage conferred from attacking with psi on land. (Tested in sea fungus.)

Harvesting resources from fungus depends on the discovery and utilization of Centauri technologies:

Additionally, building The Manifold Harmonics also increases resources from fungus squares.