Morale (Basic)

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Morale reflects the training and experience of units: Very Green, Green, Disciplined, Hardened, Veteran, Commando, and Elite. A unit receives a +12.5% combat bonus for each morale level. Elite units receive an additional move each turn.

Morale is particularly important in Psi Combat, and in combat between probes.

The morale level of newly built units depends on social engineering Morale setting and the following of facilities: Command Center, Naval Yard, Aerospace Complex, and Bioenhancement Center.

Native life forms have life cycles rather then morale.

A unit victorious in combat will often receive a morale upgrade (the lower its morale level, the more likely an upgrade).

A unit with a ‘+’ sign after its morale, possesses a combat bonus from being in a base with a Children’s Crèche.

See also Morale (Advanced).