Children’s Crèche

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Children’s Crèche
Children’s Crèche.png
Mineral rows 5
Maintenance 1
Requires Ethical Calculus
Proper care and education for our children remains a cornerstone of

our entire colonization effort. Children not only shape our future;
they determine in many ways our present. Men and women work harder
knowing their children are safe and close at hand. And never forget that,
with children present, parents will defend their home to the death.

—Colonel Corazon Santiago,
“Planet: A Survivalist’s Guide”

Base receives +2 to Growth rating and +1 to Efficiency rating.

Reduces a base’s vulnerability to enemy mind control.

All units are determined to protect Children’s Crèches. If the social engineering morale settings for a faction are “0” or less, they will be treated as “1” for all units defending at, or attacking from, this base.

Base may experience Major Population Surge.