Aerospace Complex

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Aerospace Complex
Aerospace Complex.png
+2 Morale:Air, Air Def +100%
Mineral rows 8
Maintenance 2
Requires Doctrine: Air Power
You are orphans, earthdeirdre, your homeworld already buried

so young among the aeons. Yet now you fill the skies where
we watched a million sunsets with flame and contrails, paying
no heed to the hard lessons the universe has tried to teach you.
Are you a breath of life to invigorate a complacent world,
you earthhumans, or an insidious cancer which must be excised?

—Lady Deirdre Skye,
“Conversations With Planet”

Repairs damaged air units quickly. Air units built here receive two morale upgrades.

Base must have an Aerospace complex before it can produce space-based improvements.

Defensive bonus against air attacks +75% (or +175% when combined with a Tachyon Field). Defensive bonus does not apply against Psi Attacks. Prevents hostile drop pods within two squares (5x5).

A base without an Aerospace complex gets half resources from space-based improvements.