Probe Module

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Probe Module
Requires Planetary Networks
Attack 0
Cost 4

The Probe Module can be used to create units able to engage in espionage. Any unit with the Probe module has no supply cost.

Probes can infiltrate and subvert enemy bases and units. It is impossible to subvert a stack of multiple units though. They can steal enemy research information, energy credits, sabotage base facilities, assassinate key enemy personnel to slow research, free captured faction leaders from headquarters, and conduct genetic warfare (with the discovery of Retroviral Engineering). Move a probe up to an enemy base or single unit to engage its powers.

Probes can ignore any zone of control. Probe can also defend your bases against their enemy counterparts. If a probe is present in a square when an enemy probe tries to enter, a combat is resolved between them. The probe with the highest morale level usually wins. Probe teams often receive morale increases when they complete missions successfully. The higher a probe’s morale level, the more likely it is to survive more risky missions.

This module can be added to the infantry, speeder, hovertank, foil, and cruiser chassis. A foil probe team can be used for probing coastal units and bases. Subverting a coastal unit doesn't spend the probe's movement points. Also see the probe operations success tables.

  • Complement: 16
  • Counterintel suite: ShieldSafe V 6.0
  • Armament: Cyberlinks/mind control