Damage and Repair

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Damage When a unit takes damage, the colored bar graph located just above and to the left shows how badly it’s been hurt. As the bar descends, it also changes color from green to yellow to red. When the bar is completely exhausted, the unit is destroyed.

As non-air units take damage, their movement rate declines (but movement can never be reduced below one).

Repairs Visiting a Monolith instantly heals a unit to 100%.

Units repair damage by remaining undisturbed for a turn (to skip a unit’s turn, press ‘Space Bar’). If they move or come under fire, they do not repair that turn. A heavily damaged unit may require several turns to completely heal.

No unit may repair itself to more than 80% normal strength outside of a base unless a faction possesses The Nano Factory, the units is a native life form in fungus, or the faction controls The Xenoempathy Dome and the unit is in fungus. The Sentry (‘L’) command can streamline the field repair process, requiring much less of your attention.

When a unit is in a base, several facilities can repair an undisturbed unit in one turn:

Units repair at least 10% of their damage each turn, modified as follows:

  • +10% in friendly territory
  • +10% if air unit at airbase
  • +10% if land unit in bunker
  • +10% if in a base
  • ×2 rate if a unit is on a Troop Transport with a Repair Bay
  • +100% if the controlling faction owns the Nano Factory Secret Project
  • +10% if in fungus and the unit is a native life form or the faction posses The Xenoempathy Dome.

None of the Battle Ogres can not be repaired under any circumstance.