Troop Transport

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Troop Transport
Requires Doctrine: Flexibility
Attack 0
Cost 4

The Troop Transport module allows a unit to transport other units. It reduces the movement of land and sea units by 1 and air units by 50%+1.

Only sea-going units can transport more than one unit at a time. A foil can transport a number of units equal to twice its reactor value. A cruiser can transport a number of units equal to four times its reactor value.

Transports can normally transport only ground units, but sea-going transports can be given the Carrier Deck special ability to allow them to transport and refuel air units.

Air transports can only load passengers in a base or airbase. Choosing the ‘Unload Transport Shift+U’ command from the action menu will allow the passengers to unload while the air transport is in flight.

  • Capacity: 500 troops + support
  • Composition: Hardened plasteel
  • Hydroponics rating: ST