Spore Launcher

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Spore Launcher
Spore Launcher.png
Mineral rows 5
Requires Bioadaptive Resonance
Chassis Infantry
Module Psi Attack
Armor Psi Defense
Ability Heavy Artillery

Spore Launchers are native life forms that can appear singly or in the company of Mind Worms, and are closely associated with fungus. Spore Launchers tend to lurk on the outskirts of a settlement, expelling bursts of corrosive spores that can destroy man-made or Progenitor improvements from a range of two squares away. These spores are also effective against units.

Spore Launchers are aggressive and highly territorial and will attack other nearby spore launchers. When defending territory, tame Spore Launchers may also engage in artillery duels with units of their own faction.

With proper breeding and bonding techniques, Spore Launchers can also be bred in captivity and controlled by skilled brood trainers.