Bioadaptive Resonance

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Bioadaptive Resonance
Bioadaptive Resonance.png
“Advanced control of resonance fields”
Requires Field Modulation, Centauri Empathy
Leads to Sentient Resonance
Weapon Resonance Laser
Ability Soporific Gas Pods
Unit Spore Launcher
AI priority
Conquer: 5, Discover: 2, Build: 0, Explore: 0
I saw the alien phalanx coming toward us, and I calmed my mind as Kri’lan had taught

me. And what I saw next to the phalanx was a shadow regiment, half-formed from the
resonance around them. I cursed the aliens...with power like that, each one could fight
as many, and I thanked Planet for sending us the betrayer.

—Prophet Cha Dawn,
“The Betrayer and I”
Bioadaptive Resonance is a more advanced form of Field Modulation that allows extensive manipulation of resonance fields. An understanding of Centauri Empathy is essential to discovery of this technology.