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In the design workshop, one element of creating a unit is the chassis. The chassis is the body on which a unit is built, and determines basic rules for movement, combat, and carrying capacity.

Land - restricted to land squares or transports
Infantry - automatic

  • 1 move
  • 25% combat advantage when attacking bases

Speeder - available with Doctrine: Mobility or with Planetary Networks by modifying a probe team in the design workshop

  • 2 moves
  • 25% combat advantage when attacking in open terrain
  • may disengage when defending against infantry

Hovertank - available with Nanominiaturization

  • 3 moves
  • 25% combat advantage when attacking in open terrain
  • never costs more than one move even entering difficult terrain

Sea - restricted to sea squares
Foil - available with Doctrine: Flexibility

  • 4 moves (except foil transports get 3 moves)
  • 2 cargo per reactor level

Cruiser - available with Doctrine: Initiative

  • 6 moves
  • 4 cargo per reactor level

Needlejet - available with Doctrine: Air Power

  • 8 moves
  • maximum one attack per turn
  • must return to a base every other turn for refueling

Copter - available with Mind/Machine Interface

  • 8 moves
  • may take 30% damage to end a turn outside of a base

Gravship - available with Graviton Theory

  • no penalty for ending a turn outside of a base
  • 8 moves

Missile - available with Orbital Spaceflight