Self-Aware Machines

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Self-Aware Machines
Self-Aware Machines.png
“Machines that think”
Requires N-Space Compression, Digital Sentience
Leads to Matter Editation, Singularity Mechanics
Facility Nessus Mining Station, Orbital Defense Pod
Secret Project The Self-Aware Colony, The Nethack Terminus
Improves Probe Team morale
AI priority
Conquer: 0, Discover: 4, Build: 3, Explore: 3
Without sensibility no object would be given to us, without

understanding no object would be thought. Thoughts without content
are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.

—Immanuel Kant,
“Critique of Pure Reason”, Datalinks

I swear sometimes they’re watching me.

—Bozon Pete, Shift Foreman,
Metagenics Biomachinery Division

Following the advent of Digital Sentience, computers have only one great leap left: the evolution to Self-Aware Machines. Advances in N-Space Compression provide the storage capacity needed for this technology. These machines are capable of complex, higher-order thinking, and value the experience of existence as much as any biological being. As with other living organisms, self-preservation is paramount for these specimens.