Orbital Defense Pod

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Orbital Defense Pod
Orbital Defense Pod.png
Missile Defense
Mineral rows 12
Maintenance 0
Requires Self-Aware Machines
God, from the mount of Sinai, whose gray top

Shall tremble, he descending, will himself,
In thunder, lightning, and loud trumpets’ sound,
Ordain them laws.

—John Milton,
“Paradise Lost”, Datalinks

An Orbital Defense Pod has a 50% chance to shoot down a Planet Buster, Fungal, or Tectonic missile attack against any of a faction’s bases. Defense Pods may only deploy against a missile once per turn. When no undeployed Pods remain, a missile can only be stopped by self-destructing a Pod.

Can be sacrificed with 50% chance to destroy a satellite of another faction (Under Satellite Survey ‘F6’ -> ‘Orbital Attack View’)

Can be destroyed by Major Solar Storm on Alpha Prime.

Can only be launched from a base which already has an Aerospace Complex or by a faction that controls The Space Elevator.