Singularity Mechanics

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Singularity Mechanics
Singularity Mechanics.png
“Unravel the secrets of black holes”
Requires Secrets of Creation, Self-Aware Machines
Leads to Controlled Singularity
Reactor Singularity Engine
Facility Subspace Generator
AI priority
Conquer: 1, Discover: 4, Build: 3, Explore: 0
Yes, yes, we’ve all heard the philosophers babble about “oneness”

being “beautiful” and “holy”. But let me tell you that this kind
of oneness certainly isn’t pretty and if you’re not careful it
will scare the bejeezus out of you.

—Anonymous Lab Technician,
MorganLink 3DVision Live Interview

Knowledge of Secrets of Creation paved the way for understanding Singularity Mechanics. This technology seeks the physical causes and composition of black holes-phenomena produced by points of infinitely dense matter that warp the fabric of space and time itself. Probes guided by onboard Self-Aware Machines transmit the data necessary to replicate this natural occurence in controlled laboratory conditions.