N-Space Compression

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N-Space Compression
N-Space Compression.png
“Tap parallel universes for matter compression”
Requires Orbital Spaceflight, Biomachinery
Leads to Self-Aware Machines
Weapon Tectonic Payload, Fungal Payload
Facility Flechette Defense System, Geosynchronous Survey Pod
AI priority
Conquer: 4, Discover: 0, Build: 2, Explore: 0
Humans : there is no space inside rocket. Progenitor : space exists around all things

with mass. Space : “here”. Inside rocket : “there”. Secret: bring here to there.

—Caretaker Lular H’minee,
“Secret : Space”
N-Space Compression is a Progenitor term that loosely translates as “The shortest distance between two points is always 0, because any two points in our perceivable space are actually contiguous in some other universe, postulating infinity.” Compression simply brings things that appear to be in one place (such as a bulky missile payload) to another place (such as a missile warhead) at will (such as only at a time just prior to detonation). This technology is based on an understanding of Orbital Spaceflight and Biomachinery.