The Nethack Terminus

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The Nethack Terminus
The Nethack Terminus.png
Stronger Probe Units
Mineral rows 40
Maintenance 0
Requires Self-Aware Machines
AI priorities
Fight: 0, Mil: 1, Tech: 2, Build: 1, Colonize: 1
By creating a planetary network, mankind on Planet now has the ability

to share information at light-speed. But by creating a single such network,
each faction has brought themselves closer to discovery as well. At the speed
of light, we will catch your information, tag it like an animal in the wild,
and release it unharmed-if such should serve our purposes.

—Datatech Sinder Roze,
“The Alpha Codex”

+1 morale to all Probe units built. -25% cost of probe actions. All Probs with a Fusion Reactor or higher have equivalent of Algorithmic Enhancement.