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Energy can be produced from map squares with rivers, solar collectors and echelon mirrors, tidal harnesses, Thermal Boreholes, monoliths, forests, energy bonuses, and the Uranium Flats, Geothermal Shallows, Pholus Ridge, and Mount Planet landmarks.

Certain facilities (Headquarters, Recycling Tanks/Pressure Dome, Hybrid Forest, Orbital Power Transmitter, and Thermocline Transducer) can increase the amount of energy produced by specific types of squares or the base square.

Apart from energy bonuses and base squares, the amount of energy any given square can produce is limited to two until the discovery of Environmental Economics.

Human factions can also acquire energy to add to the output through commerce with other human factions, and Progenitor factions via the Energy Grid.

The energy output is then divided between econ (energy credits), psych (happiness), and labs (research) according to a factions social engineering settings.