Orbital Power Transmitter

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Orbital Power Transmitter
Orbital Power Transmitter.png
+1 Energy all bases
Mineral rows 12
Maintenance 0
Requires Advanced Spaceflight
Planet’s Primary, Alpha Centauri A, blasts unimaginable quantities

of energy into space each instant, and virtually every joule of it
is wasted entirely. Incomprehensible riches can be ours if we can but
stretch our arms wide enough to dip from this eternal river of wealth.

—CEO Nwabudike Morgan,
“The Centauri Monopoly”

Launch a satellite into orbit around Planet to utilize space-based solar power.

The energy bonus is halved for bases without Aerospace Complexes. A base can utilize one Power Transmitter for each unit of population.

Power Transmitters can be destroyed by Solar Storms on Alpha Prime or by other factions using Orbital Defense Pods.

The launch of a faction’s first satellite enables them to map all unexplored portions of Planet.

Can only be launched from a base which already has an Aerospace Complex or by a faction that controls The Space Elevator.