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Landmarks are giant natural wonders of Planet, the most important geophysical features of the world. Any of the following might be encountered:

  • Freshwater Sea—the richest aquatic region on Planet provides +1 nutrient per square. Bonuses is lost if the Sea becomes connected to the salt water ocean
  • Garland Crater—some thousands of years ago, a massive object crashed into Planet, leaving this vast crater. The rare and valuable remnants of the original object remain in the crater, giving the squares inside +1 mineral per square
  • Geothermal Shallows—a whole field of underwater geysers underlies this coastal shelf, providing +1 energy per square
  • Great Dunes—the largest, most unforgiving desert on Planet it provides no bonus resources and are a remarkably inhospitable place
  • Monsoon Jungle—this is an anomalous expanse of thick and curiously earthlike vegetation. The rich soil yields +1 nutrient per square
  • Mount Planet—this enormous volcano is active, but its slopes provide +1 of both minerals and energy. The enormous crater at the top fills a whole square with lava
  • New Sargasso—this is the largest naturally occurring growth of sea fungus on Planet. It provides no special bonus
  • Pholus Ridge—the geothermal energy unleashed by the clash of two of Planet’s tectonic plates produces +1 energy per square
  • Sunny Mesa—this extensive highland is excellent for harvesting energy
  • The Ruins—a vast and ancient ring of monoliths embedded in thick xenofungus
  • Uranium Flats—this savanna is particularly rich in heavy elements that provide +1 energy per square
  • Nessus Canyon—this vast canyon contains millennia of deposits which confers +1 Mineral in each square
  • The Borehole Cluster—is a collection of three thermal boreholes been built. The technology needed to have built these cracks in Planet’s surface bespeak a powerful Alien technology
  • Unity Wreckage—the shattered hulk of the Unity, containing the Mining Laser, Scout Chopper, a comm beacon showing the starting location of each human faction, and the Engine Core (worth bonus energy)
  • Manifold Nexus—control of this grants the controlling faction +1 Planet. It is not certain what the Nexus is, but it appears to be the central communications point for all six of the Manifold experiments. In essence, it is a control tower for planetary intelligence. Progenitor factions gain an additional +1 Research rating
  • Fossil Field Ridge—a coral formation in the sea that grants +1 mineral per square

Vulnerability: Most bonuses are removed if the landmark’s altitude is changed by a 1000 m band.