Hybrid Forest

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Hybrid Forest
Hybrid Forest.png
Mineral rows 24
Maintenance 4
Requires Planetary Economics
You see in this dome the intermingling of native and earth plants.

Outside, they are competitors, struggling over the trace
elements required for life. Often, one destroys the other. Here,
they are tended with care and kept well nourished. They thrive
together, and the native fungus does not unleash its terrible
defenses. As you can see, competition is unnecessary when resources
are plentiful and population growth is controlled.

—Lady Deirdre Skye,
“Planet Dreams”

Increases Psych output at base by 50% and produces the same amount of energy as 50% of the energy at base less that lost to inefficiency. Increases nutrient and energy output in forest squares by one. Eliminates at least half the ecological damage caused by terraforming (farms, mines, roads, etc.).

If constructed after a faction’s first report of fungus growth, the amount of minerals that can be produced by any of that faction’s bases before causing ecological damage will be increased by one. This effect is permanent even if the facility is destroyed or the base lost.

Can only be constructed in a base which already has a Tree Farm.