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Monoliths are mysterious and unexplained alien devices which possess amazing psycho-technical powers. These ancient structures dot the surface of Chiron. They were left behind when the progenitors left, but their true function is unknown. The highest concentration on the surface of Chiron appears to be "The Ruins" where a ring of 8 monoliths surround a small hill.

A monolith will increase a combat unit’s morale or life cycle one level, but an individual unit can receive only one monolith upgrade. A monolith, when used to upgrade has a reported 1/32 chance of disappearing permanently.

A monolith can completely repair any damaged land unit; this can be done any number of times, even if a unit has received a morale upgrade from a monolith. A monolith only used for repair will not make a monolith disappear.

Monolith squares produce 2 Nutrients, 2 Minerals, and 2 Energy each turn regardless of the underlying terrain or fungus. A rivers, or social settings do add the normal energy bonuses.

A Base cannot be founded on a monolith square and only roads, mag tubes, fungus, and rivers may be added to a monolith square