Centauri Meditation

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Centauri Meditation
Centauri Meditation.png
“Planet will speak to us … if we will listen”
Requires Ecological Engineering, Centauri Empathy
Leads to Centauri Genetics
Unit Isle of the Deep
Facility Centauri Preserve
Secret Project The Xenoempathy Dome
Specialist Empath
+1 energy production in fungus
AI priority
Conquer: 0, Discover: 0, Build: 2, Explore: 4
The Isle of the Deep is really not a single creature but a colony

of thousands of individual tubules, an aquatic vector of the Mind Worm
which terrorizes Planet's continents. Over its lifetime certain tubules
secrete a tough, gluelike substance which hardens to form the
characteristic shell that floats the colony and creates the appearance
of a rogue island.

—Lady Deidre Skye,
“A Comparative Biology of Planet
Centauri Empathy and Ecological Engineering reveal the vastness and complexity of the ecosystem on Planet. Research into Centauri Meditation illuminates the next, almost terrifying step-the attempt to communicate directly with Planet itself.