Advanced Spaceflight

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Advanced Spaceflight
Advanced Spaceflight.png
“Explore the reaches of space”
Requires Orbital Spaceflight, Organic Superlubricant
Leads to Super Tensile Solids
Weapon Plasma Shard
Facility Orbital Power Transmitter
Secret Project The Living Refinery
Council proposal Launch Solar Shade, Increase Solar Shade
AI priority
Conquer: 2, Discover: 4, Build: 2, Explore: 3
And so we return again to the holy void. Some say this is simply our

destiny, but I would have you remember always that the void exists,
just as surely as you or I. Is nothingness any less a miracle than

—Sister Miriam Godwinson,
“We Must Dissent”

Resumption of Advanced Spaceflight begins shortly after mankind begins Orbital Spaceflight. With this technology, spacecraft can once again reach the moons orbiting Planet and, eventually, the stars themselves.