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Faction Description Crash? Type Graphics status
Gaia's Stepdaughters (text) Native ecological "hippy" pacifists with Effic and Planet bonuses. no official fine
Human Hive (text) Totalitarian dictatorship with minimal freedom and a focus on social engineering. Growth and Industry +1, but Econ -2. no official fine
Morgan Industries (text) Free Market capitalist with economic bonuses, but population and support issues. no official fine
Peacekeeping Forces (text) Humanitarian U.N. style bureaucracy, with only minor bonuses/penalties. no official fine
Spartan Federation (text) Heavily armed and well trained survivalists with Industry problems. no official fine
The Lord's Believers (text) Fundamentalist zealots devoted to spreading their beliefs with Research problems. no official fine
University of Planet (text) Brilliant scientists with questionable morals and a poorly secured data network. no official fine
The Cult of Planet (text) Environmental cultists forcefully trying to prevent humans harming Planet, with Industry and Econ penalties. no official fine
The Cybernetic Consciousness (text) Efficient cybernetic researchers focused on spreading rationality. no official fine
The Data Angels (text) Cyber-activist freedom loving hackers who specialize in information warfare. no official fine
The Free Drones (text) Worker's union with strong industry and protection for the common man, but poor research. no official fine
Nautilus Pirates (text) Apolitical seafaring opportunists looking for a life of adventure. no official fine
Manifold Caretakers (text) Progenitor faction focused on protecting Planet and preventing flowering, with defense bonus. no official fine
Manifold Usurpers (text) Progenitor faction focused on achieving godhood through flowering, with offense bonus. no official fine
Acolytes of the Flame (text) Superstitious faction with ecological/native focus and research/support/hurry penalties. no unchecked unknown
Adventurer's Club (text) Stereotypical English gentlemanly explorer faction, with Planet problems and hurry/morale bonus. Starts with three Unity Rovers. no unchecked unknown
Agri-Culture (text) Terraforming faction providing for future generations. Free Hybrid Forests & Formers plus double terraform rate, but Planet/Industry/Police penalties. no unchecked unknown
AntiMind (text) Progenitor cyborg+Mind Worm hybrid aiming to extinguish all non-native life from Planet, with large fungal/psy/planet bonuses but large industry and econ issues. no unchecked unknown
Barbarella (text) Faction based on the film Barbarella, with free Recycling Tanks and Recreation Commons. no unchecked unknown
Bards of Chiron (text) Musical/artistic faction in harmony with Planet, with an astonishing array of native and talent bonuses. no unchecked unknown
Bree (text) Aquatic human/native hybrid escaped Progenitor experiments, with large Planet and fungal resource bonuses and a tendency to expand explosively. no unchecked unknown
Children's Alliance (text) Faction of youths aiming to forge a place on Planet where children are equals, with research and planet bonuses and morale penalty. no unchecked unknown
Chiron Conservation Force (text) Activist environmentalists with planet/research bonuses and free Tree Farms, but -2 industry. no unchecked unknown
Collective (text) A faction of former Hive followers that disagreed with Yang's view on collectivism. Strong growth and industry, but -4 economy. yes unchecked unknown
Dark Spies (text) A former Hive spy starts an infiltrator faction with strong emphasis on stealing and sharing research. yes unchecked unknown
Dreams of Earth (text) A faction that dreams to terraform Chiron into the Earth of old. 2 free terraformers to start, and free Hybrid Forests. unknown unchecked unknown
Droideka (text) A faction of Droid whose purpose is to free robots and android from human exploitation. unknown unchecked unknown
Empath (text) A telepathy-focused faction aiming to achieve "mass consciousness", with Indust/Econ/Hurry penalties and many bonuses. unknown unchecked unknown
Exiles' Sanctuary (text) A sanctuary for escapes and refugees from other factions, with drone and Econ problems but free Perimeter Defense and population bonuses. unknown unchecked unknown
Gemini Empire (text) An expansionist military empire aiming to control Planet, with bonuses helpful to producing/supporting a large army, but crippled Growth and no Free Market. unknown unchecked unknown
Guardians of Morality (text) A fundamentalist faction focusing on absolute control of followers, with excellent ability to produce/support but crippled Growth and Research. unknown unchecked unknown
Hellborn (text) A devilish faction which is unfinished (contains a huge amount just copied from the Hive). unknown unchecked unknown
Ishbu United (text) A Japanese efficiency/planning focused faction, with diverse bonuses and only lack of Free Market as a penalty. unknown unchecked unknown
Crimson Comrades (text) A decentralized communist confederacy devoted to a world wide Socialist revolution, good amount of support but penalties in probe and economy. unknown unchecked unknown
Imperium Crescint (text) Social Darwinist, imperialistic slaver empire that has great growth but many drone problems. unknown unchecked unknown
The Iron Regime (text) Fascist dictatorship that has great military and security with admirable efficiency, but unguarded bases cause drone problems and there is growth penalties. unknown unchecked unknown
Machine Mandate (text) Sentient rogue AI that has evolved into a widespread AI and Robot egalitarian revolution. Good industry and production with crippling energy costs. unknown unchecked unknown
Valhallans (text) The Valhallans are a warlike anocratic raider society that focus on joy through battle. Great morale and military bonuses but has to rely on conquest to avoid stagnation, police and research problems. unknown unchecked unknown