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This is an official faction’s text file. Please do not modify this page unless you are adding basenames to the end of existing basename lists.

; FACTION FILE: The Spartan Federation
; Copyright © 1997, 1998 by Firaxis Games, Inc.
; ALPHA CENTAURI reads the rules of the game from this file at
; startup. Feel free, at your own risk, to experiment with editing
; this file. We recommend you make a backup copy of the original.

Spartan Federation, The Survivalist, Spartans, M, 2, Santiago, F,  0,  1, 1, 0, 0,
  Values, Power, MORALE
  Values, Wealth, nil
  Spartan, Spartan,
  Voki, Bonaventura, Voki’s Price
  Colonel, vigilant, paranoid, cautious, sociopathic,
  Right-Wing Lunatic
  exercise our rights to keep and bear arms
  to exercise freely the God-given right to keep and bear arms
  equipping a private army to seize control of Planet
  equipping your private army to seize control of Planet
  equip a private army and seize control of this world
  polishing her beloved artillery pieces
  polishing your beloved artillery pieces
  having paranoid delusions
  paranoid delusions, M2
  military preparations, M2
  right-wing fantasies, M2
  stipend, M1
  keeping the peace
  the Spartan Paramilitary Legion
  the Spartan Military Code

Sparta Command
Survival Base
Commander’s Keep
War Outpost
Militia Station
Fort Legion
Janissary Rock
Blast Rifle Crag
Hawk of Chiron
Assassin’s Redoubt
Centurion Cave
Bunker 118
Hommel’s Citadel
Training Camp
Defiance Freehold
Hero’s Waypoint
Fort Liberty
Fort Survivalist
Fort Superiority
Halls of Discipline
Parade Ground
Citadel Station
Freedom Base
Counsel of Centurions
Fort Standfast
Bordermarch Redoubt
Constant Vigilance
Impact Shelter
Blood and Iron
Solid Domain
Liberty Rock

Fleet Anchorage
Admiralty Base
Fleet Base
Sea Outpost

Superior training and superior weaponry have, when taken together,
a geometric effect on overall military strength. Well-trained,
well-equipped troops can stand up to many more times their lesser
brethren than linear arithmetic would seem to indicate.
^       —Colonel Corazon Santiago,
^       “Spartan Battle Manual”

^LEADER: {Colonel Corazon Santiago}
^BACKGROUND: {Survivalist, Unity Security Chief}
^AGENDA: {Right To Keep And Bear Arms}
^TECH: {Doctrine: Mobility}

^+2 MORALE:  {Well-armed survivalist movement}
^+1 POLICE:  {Highly disciplined followers}
^-1 INDUSTRY:  {Extravagant weapons are costly}
^Prototype units do not cost extra minerals.
^Free retooling in category with the discovery of {Advanced Subatomic Theory}.
^{May not use Wealth value in Social Engineering.}

#xs 440
#caption $CAPTION7
“You cannot hope to stand against me, $NAME1.
Pledge Blood Truce now or face total destruction.”

“Truce it is, then. I thank you.”
“Bluffing will get you nowhere, $NAME3. Prepare to be obliterated!”

#xs 440
#caption $CAPTION7
“$TITLE0 $NAME1. My survivalist followers are content to guard their homes
in armed peace. I suggest we sign a Treaty of Friendship
and stay out of each others’ way.”

“Fair enough, but I shall guard my borders carefully.”
“Hardly. A faction armed to the teeth hardly seems friendly to me.”

#xs 440
#caption $CAPTION7
“You cannot hope to stand against me, $NAME1.
Pledge Blood Truce now or face total destruction.”

“Destruction: to be avoided. Truce: agreed.”
“You winning: why do you offer peace? Conclusion: you: losing! Rejection!”

#xs 440
#caption $CAPTION7
“$TITLE0 $NAME1, clearly your aims and ours are mutual: survival on
this harsh world we’ve come upon. With you as Treaty partner, I will be less
of a target for the others, and therefore my people will not suffer.”

“Right to defend: important. Treaty: agreeable.”
“Weaponry: belies soft words. Treaty: not advisable.”

# ; This line must remain at end of file