Manifold Caretakers

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Caretake logo.png
Manifold Caretakers
Text: caretake.txt
Social Effects
Planet +1
Defense 125%
Anti-Ideology None
Ideology Planned
Starting tech Biogenetics, Information Networks, Centauri Ecology
Facility Recycling Tanks
Progenitor faction
Caretake leaderhead.png
Caretaker Lular H'minee
Personality Aggressive
Interests Conquer Discover Explore
Emphasis PLANET
Gender Female



Overpowered in human hands, almost to the point of making the game tedious. It's a cakewalk. Nobody will have much luck in attacking, you begin with a recycling tanks at every base, which means that you don't have to worry as much about terraforming, and farms are not really needed much at all until the midgame. All in all, you have a vastly simplified game, with more techs at game start, and an almost unbelievably strong defensive position.


This group was designed for the Builder game. You can play the part of the turtle, and do quite well. A program of rapid expansion will see you filling up the continent quickly (possibly switching to battle mode if you see that you're not alone, and sweeping them off the map before they can build to any significance), then, just become a hermit. Terraform to your heart's content and use your impressive tech lead (and it will be impressive) to hammer the daylights out of anybody who wants to spoil your fun!


Also easy to do. With your tech lead in the beginning, augmented by automatic Recycling tanks at all bases, your research will be top notch. That alone will make the Hybrid game easy, because you will be able to field better troops than most, if not all of your opponents. That, coupled with the fact that your 25% defensive bonus kicks in from the moment you take over a base makes it unlikely that the opposition will be able to root you out, once you get a foothold.


Again, fairly easy to do, but, with H'minee, you're probably better off simply subverting human bases to avoid population flight, and again, captured garrisons will gain that additional 25% defensive bonus from the moment you take control of the base.

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