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Apolyton Game of the Month! Its Back Yippee!
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:48:42 PM »
Scenario Name: Apolyton Game of the Month! Its Back Yippee!
Author: Jamski
Date of original posting: 5/19/04
Original host site: Apolyton

Yes, its back, the Apolyton Game of the Month!

To take part simply place the attached file in the scenarios folder of
your SMAC installation, and select "Play Scenario" from the main menu.

When you're done, post up your findings and results here using the
[ spoiler ] tags and any tips for people getting hammered. There will of
course be the usual bragging rights for the ones getting the highest
scores and fastest wins, as well as the right to design the next GOTM
should they so wish.

As this is the May/June game, it will run at least till the end of June. Who says we can't have longer months?

About the May-June Game

If you'd rather be surprised, stop reading now!

The Unity had enough escape pods for every faction to have two for the
emergency landing on Planet. Unfortunately the pods launched from the
starboard side of the ship had their nav-consoles scrambled, and landed
on the wrong side of Planet's central ocean, the Mittelmer Sea.

Each faction has two pods, placed opposite each other on a (very
roughly) doughnut shaped continent, sandwiched between aggressive
neighbors. In order to dominate Planet, the best action leaders will
find a way to join the two halves of their factions as soon as possible.

All normal rules are in effect, the difficulty is Transcend, and the
starting faction is the University. Unfortunately both of your colony
teams thought the other team had the free tech, so it got lost

As mentioned by Obstructor - this is a SMAC game. Playing it in SMAX
will get some strange results, which you can read about here in this

Have fun, and watch out for the mindworms!



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