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The GotM (Game of the Month) is a single-player game of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri/ Alien Crossfire. Several times, each year, the GotM team posts on this site a new scenario that you can download and play. This way, everyone is playing the same game, allowing for a meaningful comparison of your skills and strategies. Our scenarios often feature custom factions, custom graphics and fanfiction, making it a rewarding experience for every SMAC player. For those of you interested in competitive play, the GotM is also a single player contest to see who can beat a scenario in the most effective way (see below).

Rules of the GotM

You have about two months (sometimes even more) to finish each GotM, starting from the date the scenario was posted. During this time you are allowed, encouraged even, to provide feedback on the scenario, share you experiences, write during/after action reports, all of these in the discussion thread linked to the GotM. Of course, using the [ spoiler ] [/spoiler ] tags is recommended if you want to talk about strategies. Some players want to give it a try before reading about others' failures.
If you chose to participate in the GotM competitions, you should be able to provide us the saves that prove you have reached the scenario winning conditions. Those conditions will be clearly expressed in the introductory text of each GotM and can vary from building a facility to conquering some bases or reaching one of the standard Alpha Centauri victory conditions. Your saves should be posted in the discussion thread linked to the GotM within the deadline set by the GotM team for submissions. If you don't want to make your saves public, you have also the option to send them to the following email address: borcea [_] dan [ @ ] yahoo [ . ] com.
Do we have to specify that various cheating methods and/or using exploits are not allowed when playing a GotM scenario?
So, the rules posted here will apply to all GotM scenarios, unless otherwise stated. Reload is tolerated even if the GotM team strongly disapproves it. In fact, emergency cases apart (game crashes, imminent defeat), we recommend keeping the linearity of the "historical" events. That being said, there's no way we can stop a player from reloading saves in hope of a better result, so it is up to you to decide how you want to win. Anyway, GotM is more about having fun playing SMAC and interacting with other players, than about competition.

GotM Competitions

There are two kinds of competitions going on, a bimonthly competition (for each GotM) and the annual competition.
The GotM standings
That's simple: it classifies the best players of each GotM according to the criteria set out at the release of the GotM. The winner gets 4 points in the annual competition as well as a special badge visible in the user profile and post bits. The second best

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