Sid wasn't really here. Sorry.

The Factions
The fate of Planet is in the hands of twenty one factions that fight for control, seven at a time. Each faction
represents a specific ideology, from technological superiority to capitalistic efficiency to an amusing joke.

Alpha Centauri Factions

Jaimie Gertz

George Takei? (Look at those cheekbones- he's not Chinese)

Jon Cryer?

A mature Denzel Washington?



Dunno. Easy Reader?

Gaia's Stepdaughters

Human Hive

University of Planet

Morgan Industries

Spartan Federation

Lord's Believers

Peacekeeping Forces

Alien Crossfire Factions

No celebrity I know of is this ugly, even the ones who play southerners a lot...

THIS is Chinese. -And quite likely, gay.

Hmm, A little Michelle Pfeiffer, a little Cate Blanchett and/or a young Helen Mirren?


Tyra Banks

Cary Elwes?

Obviously just copying the Manifold Caretakers. Hmph. Posers.


Cult of Planet

Cyborg Consciousness

Free Drones

Data Angels

Nautilus Pirates

Manifold Usurpers

My Custom Factions

Because the Borg are such an under-represented custom faction...

Hippies are funny.

I like my bald captains in a toupee. Picard sucks.

It may not be cool, but you have to admit she's decorative...

An experiment that didn't end quite as Deirdre planned...




Cannabis League Federation Feminine Union Mindworms with Minds

Pretty Princesses


AC2 Online SMACX Resource Center





Click on the name to get the .zip of  the complete [except where otherwise noted] faction files.

Dig those Borg implants...

Cannabis League
"Jinkies" apparently translates as "Pass the duchy on the left-hand side."

Eighth Faction,

or Mindworms with Minds
Creepy. Possessed and sunburned, she's still hot. -Sorta a Linda Blair thing.

Bite me John-Luke

Feminine Union
....I'd like to conquer her base...

Pretty Princesses (Don't install the .flc- it will freeze the game during diplomacy & the colors are borked. I include it in hopes of getting help. I'm stuck.)
If you don't love her already, you can go to hell


I shook his hand once. I was genuinely thrilled.


Screenshots:  (To give you a little flavor of  this set of factions and the upgrades I made to them.  More factions follow...)

I took the trouble to reload the original graphic files to provide basis for comparison.    Click on the thumbnails for a better look.

Buster will win.
Buster will win because she is a princess, and wonderful, and everyone loves her.

Now, I think that's a Planetary Council that looks ready for prime time on the right.  
Note the fungal tower growing out of the Mindworm base to the left of the council, above.   ...Almost not Gaian-looking enough, considering the back-story implied.


Note  the see-through flags on the pot-head formers above, the see-through text on the comlink, The Wrestlers' Believer-bases, the inappropriate border colors, and all those identical white dots on the world map in the corner: 

Pretty much the same shot below, reflecting some of my changes.  Note the now-peach/no-longer-nearly-Believer-orange of the Union flag and text.  The hippies have turned their Gaian-splinter bases into giant bongs with little clouds of blue-green smoke rising behind and so many maryhootchie roof-gardens and window boxes the whole place is turned green.  Flair's bases (my third stab at new base graphics for him) are gold-roofed stadiums, (hue-shifted from those lovely blue-domed bases you may have seen the Shadow Ghosts or MarsGov in,) avec lit-up entry gates.  -I was tempted to draw in floodlights out front.  Finally, note all the pretty colors down there on the world map- with the possible exception of Mindworms/Drones, easily distinguished from the official factions.


Compare the Mindworm and League bases below.  At least they don't look alike.

Yes, those Princess sea bases are on log rafts, and the Perimeter Defenses are wooden fences while the Tachyon Fields are brick walls.  Yes, those bases are little pink houses.  I love my niece.  Actually, I made this for my brother.  He hasn't played Alpha Centauri in years because it's crack- and this will ruin him.  I am bad.

Finally, one with just the Borg base switched to the previous look.  (Also, note the Federation base.)  My half-buried-Borg-sphere-bases (my second stab at it after wasting a lot of time trying to get the perspective right on a cube) may not look like much, but they don't look like the Borg Queen is Chairman Yang.


Six of the aboove custom factions were originally downloaded off the innerweb; the Star Trek ones years ago off The Arrival, the other four recently off Apolyton.   When I finally worked out how to load them (had to fix the Wrestlers rules file first), no one but the Feminine Union had any colors to their flags or text (which was illegible that way)- and Britney's color was too nearly identical to Sister Miriam’sIt was even more annoying to have identical non-colors for the rest; something had to be done.

Poking around, I saw the difference between the Union's .pcx file and the rest- there were little color boxes in the lower left-hand corner.   After that, the fix was pretty easy.

It also bothered me that the Eighth (Mindworm) faction defaulted to Gaian graphics and colors.  So I made them their own files, with Deidre's eyes glowing red (and later, a larval mindworm on her forehead) and fiddled with the color of the bases, to further distinguish them from the Gaians.   Shaggy also had Gaian bases, so I shifted their hue, too.  Then I decided they both still looked too Gaian, and proceeded to add elements to customize the bases.

Things snowballed from there.  (That's British understatement, to say the least.)

The Princesses faction is original work.  (She really really does live in a pink house.  My brother's a Mellencamp fan.)  I've carefully noted the extensive changes I made in the .pcx files of each of the rest, less to take credit for all my hard work than to avoid taking credit from the original creators, (what information I have as to who they are is in the files posted below).

I note in passing that I don't like PhotoShop's user-hostile interface, and most of the work was done the hard way, in Microsoft Paint.  That includes scan lines.

I haven't done a lot to the text files.  They mostly needed a little proofreading, sometimes more base names, tweaks to the datalinks entries- stuff like that.  I make no claim to any great understanding of how they work, and haven't concerned myself  with balancing them.  (The hippies and my perfect niece have an extra + to Planet rating because I'm playing the SMAniaC mod, and green factions should be able to capture a few mindworms early.)  The Princesses, in fact, aren't supposed to be balanced.  (The Mindworms and the Union seem kinda ridiculously overpowered, by the way.)  Neither have I added Alien dialogue.

I don't mind much that they're mostly ridiculous in the context of the game milieu, either.  Especially the funny ones.

I'm very proud of the graphics improvements, though.  I hope if you're familiar with the original versions, you'll be impressed.  These upgrades have eaten up around a month of my life- as in, sleep four hours and do nothing else all day, except some play testing.

Now, if I can get the .flc files working, I'll be set.

Many thanks to the original creators of these factions, and people far, far too numerous to keep track of who have posted useful information about SMAC/SMACX modding in various place on the internet.  Special thanks to the creators of ACEdit, and various posters of helpful tips at Apolyton forums, without whom this much truly would not have been possible.  Particular thanks to Maniac, whose custom factions in the SMAniaC mod did a lot to inspire me.


The better part of a year later, you can see that I kept working after my first seven custom factions.  The results have gotten more sophisticated and the collaborations have been fun.  Loyalty and integrity matter.



More Custom Factions (and some graphics goodies)

Interestingly, this image began, I believe, as a photo of Gillian Anderson in an evening gown!

...More personality than the old leader...

Attack of the clones

Not-Avery-Brooks. Not-Scott-Bacula. At least he's not Kate Mulgrew.

A pathetic attempt to be cool, no doubt.

A creep, and always cloning around, too...


That's RANCH Foreman Domai, pardner.

Baby, let your hair down.

Borg6.66 Mindworm Cult


Federation too MC Yangsalot Strategist SuperNewbs Texas UniCom Ypunag
Why am I doing a faction of tedious fake Star Trek villains TWICE? -Also: Hey! Check out THOSE Borg implants!
Cult of Mindworm
Take THAT Cha.
(A happy-funtime goody pack of
base defenses for faction artists.)
...I just went for a pee, --and found myself visualising the curve of the toilet seat as a pattern of dots... I've been at this too long.

(Just graphics)

Another one for/with Darsnan....
The Next Generation

(Alternate version for Fake Trek fans)
Because making him look good was a challenge.
Pimp My Yang 
Yo yo yo yo! Chairman representin' ! Word!
(Graphics only)
....He WILL turn on you...
(A base graphic I haven''t used-
- but it's only mid-afternoon)
When I die/ Don't think I'm a nut/ Don't want no fancy funeral/ Just one like ol' King Tut!
(An overkill faction for beginners)
Keepin' it easy.
Looks kinda like chief wassisname on imitation Battlestar Galactica. In a cowboy hat. --but it's Foreman Domai. In a cowboy hat.
New University Commonwealth
Maybe because I liked the logo...
(Graphics only)

New Bases
(15 bases, never used anywhere [aside
from Deadlock] and ready to drop in!)
One used to be a fuel depot...



Ukrainian beauty queen Oleksandra Nikolayenko, BTW


SMAniaC Factions (Just my versions of the faction art- the rest of the faction files, and the originals, are included in SMAniaC-- you can find it here.)

Julia Roberts? Lauren Holly? --Before I had a crack at it, this picture looked like Meg Foster.

Look at what she's wearing. Must be her birthday.

Jessica Biel?

Not a dude.

Not Richard Mulligan. Not Empty Nest.

Not Lorenzo Lamas.

When clones attack



Empaths Genesis Republic Shadow Ghosts Templars
I made her 15 years younger, and beautiful, I did.
She's butt-nekkiiiidd !

The Force has power over the minds of the horny...
Dr. Nerdina is another one who grows on you...
The Centauri Republic
...Not Ambassador Molari, either...
Shadow Ghosts




Alternate Offical Factions (Just graphics for now.  Splinter factions created for the Eye of the Beholder scenario, but usable anywhere...)

Too bad you can't make out her freckles... ...It took extra effort while drawing this to keep him from looking Japanese... What goes up, better doggon well stay up!

Had to draw him a space shirt.

Marshal Zhukov wasn't THIS ugly. He had a normal human forehead, for instance. Silhouette look familiar? He only LOOKS like he's in blackface for this shot. Stupid red-darkened-and-high-contrast format...

....Because Darsnan demanded it...

Flower's Children Protectorate Academy Morgan Franchise New Sparrta Conclave United Nations Harmonists
You Gee Ell Why. -Also, cannot account for [her] wereabouts at the time of the crime... Michelle Obama She looks fierce in this shot, but she's really kinda hot.

Caesar Chavez

NERDS! He'll pillage your village-- after his afternoon nap. Captain Jam'ta Kirr: starship Em'priz


Rainbow Warriors Cyborg Intellect United Workers Node Masters New Vikings Starlost

Children of the Flower
(Alternate Gaians -w/text file)
She's wearing clothes, honest.

(Alternate Hive)
It's Pimp My Yang with a new leader! Apparently, Yang succeeded in attracting the youth demographic, and one of the little punks ousted him. And then the new kid is too serious to have any patience for that hippity hop stuff...

(Alternate University)
The University after dark.

Morgan Franchise
(Alternate Morganites)
I had to draw in more of his outer space shirt, because he started out looking like he just surfaced while swimming in his money like he was Scrooge McDuck! I didn't think you could really do that.

New Sparta
(Alternate Spartans)

(Alternate Believers)
I'm sweet on Sister Prudence but she won't leave her husband and I'm afraid of Him....

United Nations Forces
(Alternate Peacekeepers)
He looks real masculine in that purple shirt.

(More alternate Gains
Hot, but better than the Flower Children?
(Alternate Caretakers)
The log cabin Republicans of flying saucer people?
Rainbow Warriors
(Alternate Planet Cult -w/text file)
Someday I'll find it/ the rainbow connection/ the lovers, the dreamers- but not Cha Dawn!
Cyborg Intellect
(Alternate Consciousness)
...Maybe it's just me, or maybe you gotta look closer. She's kinda hot...
United Workers
(Alternate Drones)
Joke. Joke... Um, did you know Britney Spears is standing behind him? That's not actually a joke.
Node Masters
(Alternate Data Angles)
Not Keanu Reeves.
(Alternate Pirates)
Have you driven a fjord lately?
(Alternate Usurpers)
Space: final frontier.



No, really. I am great.



Alternate Gender Factions (The official factions with alternate gender leaders; created for multiplayers, but usable anywhere. )

Thomas Friedman Madme Chiaing Kai-Shek Yo momma. Maya Angelou ...He still looks down on you... Constipated? Squeezing one off? The culmination of a really good time? Her sari was a lot prettier before I bleached it

Gaia's Stepchildren

    Human Hive   

University of Planet

Morgan Industries

Spartan Federation

Lord's Believers

Peacekeeping Forces

Matthew McConaughey Joanie Lauer ...Brad Pitt in blackface? ...Putting the ho in yo ho ho...
          Cyborg Consciousness Free Drones Data Angels Nautilus Pirates            

Gaia's Stepchildren
(Lord Daniel)
....But not a red-headed stepchild....

(Chairwoman Shinae Yang)
Eviillll granny!!!

(Provost Praskovya Zakharova)
No, I have tenure, and I shall pursue this vendetta...

(CEO Marrifa Morgan)
Not Oprah...

(Colonel Crisanto Santiago)
...And this is still Sparta...

(Brother Marvin)
...You discust him....

(Sister Prashanti Lal)
Peace or else.
( Prime Function Aki Zeta-7)
Aki is a Norwegian MAN's name.
( Forewoman Domai)
Work is not fake...
Data Angels
(Still Sinder Roze)
All your files are belong to us.
(Captain Ulrika Svensgaard)
Hmmm. Fungal rum,


Truly great.


Deadlock Factions (Just graphics for now.  For  Deadlock III: Manifolds Destiny by Buster's Uncle , but usable anywhere...)

The real Hive.... EVIL! Hey! It's Sean Young!

....And then there's Maug!

Englishmen from spaaaace!

A dog's life. Anteater? Is that some sort of double entendre? Disgusting.
Ch'cht Cyth Humans Maug Re'Lu Tarth Uva Mosk

Sting, where is thy death?

Obviously, a fan of Sandman comics...

...I went to college with Al Human, and HE didn't look like Sean Young...

Sharp bases!

You ought to get a load of them guys' hip-boots...

Take THAT, Snoopy!

Uva Mosk
Butt-ugly bases.

They probably have SOMEone named Sid...