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letsplayAAR: The Spartan Federation - Will to Power
Posted by: lolada, August 29, 2020, 11:31:29 AM
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The Spartan Federation – New beginnings

Hello, welcome to my new AAR. This time we are playing as Santiago and The Spartan Federation. This game is played with Will to Power mod on v. 117. There were quite a few changes since my last AAR that was played on v. 43 ( so i expect to see quite a few new things. Gonna make this one simpler and shorter – and hopefully fun as well. I am playing mostly blind, I read some change logs, but didn't play a game in a while.

The game is on Transcend difficulty, random small map with standard vanilla AC2 factions. Spartans have morale and police bonus, both very important in WTP. The mod has units starting with very green morale and morale upgrades are generally harder to acquire. There are also more techs so free prototyping is better bonus than in vanilla.

Sparta Command

Sparta Command module successfully landed after the Unity spaceship orbital disaster. There was no time for choosing the perfect location, but navigators managed to hit the land and what looked to be nearby radioactive field.

Landing module is packed with extra colony pod and two formers that will help initial colonists. First task of the trained Spartans is to scout the surrounding of the new world. There's no telling what could be found – Earth's technology could not scan the plan and due to unfortunate circumstances there was no time to get planet scans from Unity.

Sparta has the good rainy river field nearby where colonist can gather food and start power supply. Colony pod is moved to radioactive field to establish new outpost base – Santiago immediately wanted to get the foothold there as radioactive materials meant one thing – powerful weaponry!

As soon as they left the base Scouts find mysterious artifact. It seems to be definitely artificial, almost like some kind of alien technology tightly packed in its strange case. There doesn't seem to be obvious way to open or use the thing. Santiago orders the scientist to lock the thing until they are sure its not some kind of Trojan package. Scouting continues – from now on Scouts are on high alert due to possible contacts with alien races.

First contact

And it happens soon after. Scouts found Unity pod that should have contained useful equipment of some kind, but instead they were attacked!

Some kind of alien creature launched weird projectiles from nearby slime field. Scout retaliated in killed the creature in fire fight – good that Spartans put the highest emphasis on military trainings. They are survivalist after all. Spartans also notice that earth bases and machines seem to attract alien creatures, new attacks are to be expected.

Scout rovers

Sparta Command trained new scout defender to bolster its defenses and started working on mobile Scout rover. The technology and design were preserved from Unity as a symbol of faction strength.

Formers finished the farm on nearby hill field, but it doesn't appear to significantly improve food yield. A small setback, it looks like this planet, now called Chiron, works a bit differently than earth. Not  a total surprise.. there's more to learn about new planet's climate.

Fort Survivalist base is settled on the coast in nearby radioactive field. It appears to be mostly Uranium; the area will be great energy source. Fort was established on the coast of what seems to be large ocean. It was a strategic decision as Sparta Command does not have immediate ocean access. Another factor was unknown surroundings as colony pod was unprotected and alien creatures seem to be abundant.

Technology development

In M.Y. 2106. new bases were finally settled sufficiently to be able to organize first serious science and engineering projects. Spartans focused on their strength, putting the money into science of weaponry.

Scouts uncover a new Unity colony pod – this one contained comm link to Sister Miriam of the Believers. Santiago contacts Miriam and she starts her long introduction and turns it into scripture babble at which moment Santiago interrupts her and cuts to the real deals. Believers might be misguided, but they are certainly crafty and capable people and Santiago uses the opportunity to trade for their Recreation Commons facilities. It was fitting in a kind as religious people tend to care and comfort the weak, they already found a good way to turn claustrophobic bases on alien planets into more habitable surroundings.

Santiago was not really that interested in comfort, but soldiers need to get some rest after hard trainings and there are civilians out there also – one cannot function otherwise. Miriam also wanted to trade her maps.

Believers were situated to the east on almost certainly small continent. Santiago started to believe Chiron is actually mostly ocean world, land near Sparta looks to be completely cut off by the ocean from the north side and the base located in the southern hemisphere. Another interesting feature of the maps were two large alien monolith structures.

In following years Spartans develop three important technologies. New Laser weaponry in 2109, Particle Weapons in 2113 and Biology Labs in 2119. This chain of event boosted their understanding of alien planet and creatures and created foundations for strong military faction.

Chironquake !?

An unusual disturbing earthquake turns out to be quite convenient to Spartans. When scouts activated unity pod in the east something triggered the earthquake and land significantly rose in short period of time. There doesn't seem to be nearby volcano on the surface, though down below its safe to assume there is huge lava pool. Its also weird that earthquake coincided with Unity pod discovery in time and location, that should be unnatural, or one in a billion chance hit. It was impossible to tell. Whatever the case, Spartans got a new patch of land and their continent was now significantly larger than what Believers had.

Sparta Command retools its production to Colony pod, there doesn't seem to be great use for scout rover at current time due to terrain configuration. Scouts can handle defense for now.

Chiarman Yang and The Hive

Santiago contacts The Hive leader Chairman Yang via new comm link found from Unity pod. Chairman is mostly unpleasant person to deal with. He was not interested in small talk as he already looked to be in conflict with Deirdre and the Gaians as he requested that we join him in the fight against them. Then he asked for Laser weaponry technology – which Santiago flatly refused.

Santiago thought of Yang as madman and there was no way that she would supply him with arms to crush the Gaians. Then Yang of course was not interested in providing Gaians comm link frequencies back; he would for weaponry, but that was out of question. A tough start with The Hive, he is certainly not a friend. Miriam proved to be much more pleasant to deal with and Santiago turns to her again.

Doctrine: Flexibility

Miriam was in good mood, she liked Spartan's weapons. Believers put the god on first place, weapons in second; Santiago respected them for that at least somewhat, even if they mixed up priorities. They were dangerous to be given weapons as well, but obsolete once were acceptable and Miriam accepted the deal.

Spartans third base, Assassin's Redoubt, proceeded to build first Spartan's gunship on Chiron. The base was settled from Chiron built colony pod in Sparta Command and settled near nutrient resources found by yet another Unity pod.

Unity pods proved to be quite helpful so far and more seem to be in surrounding oceans. They also turned out to be dangerous as they attracted aliens. Spartans had a few more alien clashes including first real casualties on one occasion. Slime terrain, named fungus now, was amplifying alien powers, something to care about in the future.

It was on location of Assassin's Redoubt where alien creatures drew the first blood, but that sacrifice helped secure the location for new settlement.

xxMoney and the Will to Power: A Game of Economic Imperialism [PBEM]
Posted by: Tayta Malikai, June 29, 2020, 10:05:06 AM
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The Will to Power is a new mod to emerge from the recent upswing in modding activity for SMAC, itself an offshoot of the revolutionary Thinker Mod. While these two mods might have their differences, both have incorporated and built off each other’s features, and it’s very encouraging to see new innovations being made for this venerable game. I certainly look forward to seeing what else modders come up with in the years ahead.

While Thinker focuses on improving AI and providing configuration options, Will to Power makes an effort to completely rework the game in order to patch exploits and finally bring about True BalanceTM on Alpha Centauri. Among its many changes, and likely the most significant, is that combat is now weighted more strongly in favour of the defender, with huge bonuses to base defense and fighting on one’s own territory. Any war between factions is destined to be a protracted, drawn-out affair, defined by attrition and won atop a hill of mangled corpses and broken rovers.

So of course, we’re going to completely ignore all of that and instead wage war using purely economic means.

For as we all know, money is power…

This is a PBEM game played between myself and Nevill, using version 69 66 of the Will to Power mod. The exact rules have yet to be fully determined, since we were keen to get the game off the ground while it was the weekend and we could squeeze a good number of turns in, but essentially they amount to:
  • Don’t attack the AI, and definitely don’t capture their bases. Self-defence is, of course, permitted.
  • Don’t attack each other’s core territory, the exact extent of which will be subject to negotiation and the facts on the ground.

Game Settings
Difficulty: Transcend.
Map: Standard, Random.

Tayta: Peacekeeping Forces. ;lal;
Code: [Select]
Starting tech: Applied Physics.
+1 talent per 4 citizens
+2 standard population limit
x2 votes in Planetary Council elections
Pro-Democratic, Anti-Police State.

Nevill: Gaia’s Stepdaughters. ;deidre;
Code: [Select]
Starting tech: Centauri Ecology.
+1 nutrients from fungus
Pro-Green, Anti-Free Market.

Two peace-loving factions going head-to-head. Who will prevail in this contest of economic might? Find out as the game unfolds!
letsplayAAR: Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power
Posted by: lolada, April 29, 2020, 09:05:25 PM
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Cha Dawn and The Cult of Planet - Will to power

This game is played with Will to power mod with integrated Thinker AI mod and PRACX graphics mod. AI is much improved and WTP mod introduces many balance changes, that in general make stomping AI quite harder. Secret projects are more expensive, terraforming is different, forests nerfed, fungus buffed, rushing changed, weapons and armors rebalanced as well as social engineering policies.  Combat is a lot different both conventional and PSI variants, mainly the defender is given 50% edge in own territory and base has 50% instead of 25% bonus defense. I've already played two games with the mod, with Deirdre and Miriam vs. original factions so i got a bit of feeling how the mod is working. Its my fifth or sixth game with improved AI mod.

This game I randomed every faction including my own. Difficulty is set to Transcend - so maximum there. Even though AI is quite tough, especially early, it feels like on higher difficulties AI will in general anyway fall behind player by late-game - at which point it is possible to build every secret project and then game quickly becomes a breeze (and boring).
Tech is set to blind research, i like to role-play a bit and it feels quite unique concept for Alpha Centauri.  I'll leave default focus tech of any faction I got – role-play again. Slower tech research set - as its going quick anyway on this difficulty, no pods scattering. Other than that everything is set to middle value – planet size is standard, to avoid too much micro.

So let’s start, hope you enjoy, i am certainly enjoying playing and writing this.

"Mankind has been blind for thousands of years-for all of its history. We have come to a place whose wonders are a hundred-fold more amazing than anything on Earth. Around us is clear evidence of the will of a higher power. I bring the Vision to the blind eyes of men. I bring the Word to the deaf ears of men. I will make them see it. I will make them hear it." -- Prophet Cha Dawn, "Planet Rising"

Cha Dawn came to power when terrible mindworm creatures overran first human colony on Chiron. Seeing his parents die little frail kid with sheer power of his mind somehow stopped and controlled the creature. With colonist unable to approach the mindworm, let alone kill him that day, Cha Dawn quickly rose to godhood status and soon was renounced as prophet and prodigy. His followers grew in number and formed a cult, know known as The Cult of Planet. The Cult raised Cha Dawn to power and thus his Chiron adventure began.

Dawn of Planet was settled on slopes on a river that helped colonists with initial energy needs. Under Cha Dawn's influence this group of colonists was planet-aware and typical human rampant energy production was recognized as dangerous. That is what drawn native life into initial attack, now the Planet comes first. Luckily this didn't affect industry much as people in this enlightened age new importance of clean energy.

First colonist found enough food and material near river slopes. Exploration didn't reveal any more plentiful sources so that was first concern. Plans were made to cultivate farms and build energy collectors north on mineral deposit hills – that should make the area sustain itself. What’s the use of minerals after all if people have nothing to eat? Eastern windy hills seem to have potential for great energy production, but area was covered by native fungus terrain. That energy would have to wait.

Order was placed to produce first Formers in colony at initial cost of 40 minerals – large expensive machines that will be able to terraform alien planet. Its currently the most important invention in the world. It is of vital importance to extract resources from surrounding lands if colonists are to survive. Attempts were made to rush build the Former, and all quickly failed, as rushing units costs 4 energy credits per mineral and that’s way too much for an undeveloped colony with limited workforce.

Cha Dawn's then sent Mindworm and Scout to explore surrounding lands while Former was being built. Scientists took first samples of fungus materials to improvised labs. Anything that could give colonists the edge would be a boon, weapons, armors, even just better understanding of new terrain and life forms.

First steps

Huge barren and wasted lands were spotted to the north, there Scouts found site of U.N.S. Unity crash. Nothing of use survived, destruction was total and fire ravaged the lands afterwards.  Group of cultist settles new base down the river on coast, using prepared Unity colony pod that survived Planetfall. Initial observations are that Dawn of Planet is placed far on northern hemisphere.  If Chiron is anything like Earth, more fertile lands are to be found in that direction, scouts correct their course.

New base, designated as Concordat of Worms in honor of Cha Dawn and his mindworm, in its first months reports seeing two fireballs in skies. Paths were apparently erratic raising doubts someone else has landed to Chiron. And not too long after terrible explosions loomed through atmosphere – We are not alone! Its crushing, but not unexpected news – humans have already found new life forms and even control one and its certainly intelligent to extent. Even scarier it appears to have some kind of telepathic powers.  Besides, even ordinary cultist figured out all Earth humans had to land earlier when Unity broke down. We have yet to find any and whatever was in fireballs could be dead now.

Concordat of Worms found more energy resources on the seas prompting cultist to consider settling more coast in the future. Second Former was ordered in the base and Cha Dawn issued a decree to build new colony pods as soon as Formers are built.
Exploring south inexperienced Cultist trainers try to use mindworm to fight native one and lose the fight. Cha Dawn was quick to punish fools and word of events never gotten to base. This did prompt  young prodigy leader to double the efforts to catch more native life forms, in which he succeeded in the following years.  Scouts quickly learned under his instructions and those who didn't, didn't tend to survive for long.
PICyang60x15No Survivors, No Secrets - SMACX AI Growth mod version 1.42
Posted by: bvanevery, April 24, 2020, 04:16:22 AM
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My last demonstration game, Cybernetic Conquest, was decently played and related.  However my finish in that game was so deadly dull, that it left me quite beyond an itch to scratch.  I have a rash.  I need to kill everyone, to overcome the nonsense I endured at the end of last game.  So the concept of this game is, not only will I kill everyone, and not cooperate in any civilized manner, and inflict all manner of chemical atrocities, to prove that Sanctions do not in fact matter, and that Planet's vengance doesn't matter, but I will also completely refuse to build any Secret Projects at all.  Any that I gain, is going to be something I conquered.

our fearless leader
our fearless leader

This role is best played by Yang.  Although others could do it, none can do it better.  I deliberately choose him and leave the others to random chance.  Ironically I nearly get the lineup of the original game, except for the Cultists substituting for the Believers.  This makes diplomacy nearly identical to the original game, as my Cultists have Extremist as their core compulsion.  Unlike the Believers, who in my mod have total free will and no compulsion at all.  We've got 3 factions who will fight over Politics, 2 over Economics, and 2 over Values.  And they're all gonna die.  Watch what a +3 POLICE state can do!

the island
the island

I am probably on an island in a large northern ocean.  There is a chance it connect to the mainland to the southeast.  Or that an earthquake will make such a connection for me.  I take the initially offered landing site as it's flat terrain on a river, dead center of the island, and nothing will matter until I get off this rock and find my first victim.

improvement by elevation
improvement by elevation

MY 2110.  My bases were on pretty scratchy land.  Suddenly my raininess is improved. 

really catching
really catching

MY 2114.  At least my homeland is getting bigger.

where the wild things are
where the wild things are

MY 2115.  I get to know about the other factions!  I'll also have a Unity Lifter coming to me.  It's a pretty neat unit, the only helicopter available in the game.  It's a long distance flying Transport that can scout the dickens out of stuff.  Great for finding someone to execute.
letsplayCybernetic Conquest - SMACX AI Growth mod version 1.42
Posted by: bvanevery, April 12, 2020, 07:43:29 AM
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My previous demonstration of 1.42 was awkward!  I'll try to do a proper job of it this time.  No goofy ideas about how to put another faction down.

who shall lose to me
who shall lose to me

Huge map, average settings, Transcend difficulty, random opponents.  I draw the Cyborgs.  The Cult of Planet is a natural enemy, as I cannot choose Politics that they'll be happy with.  Unless I stayed Frontier, which I won't.  The Believers actually aren't a problem, because in my mod they have no social engineering compulsion at all.  They are Aggressive however, so they could go to war with me for that reason.  Same with the Spartans.  Otherwise, no predictions.  Enemies will depend on geography.  I was awfully nice last game, and I'll probably be a lot less nice this one.

I landed on flat terrain with a rainy patch south of me, so I just accepted it as my capitol.  Unfortunately I messed up my screenshot of it.  Just see what my land is like in the next post.

expect pirates
expect pirates

I'm in the middle of a huge ocean.  I may be on the southern end of a large continent.  So my 2nd colonist heads north.
letsplayHow to beat SMACX AI Growth mod version 1.42
Posted by: bvanevery, April 03, 2020, 05:46:45 AM
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The COVID-19 pandemic has given me more time indoors with wifi than I expected.  I haven't played an After Action Report to completion in quite some time, and arguably, I now have the time.  Version 1.42 of my mod could be the last one I do, barring playtesters finding things that are greatly wrong with it.  Indeed, that's pretty much why there's a 1.42:

Quote from: zoneplate on March 29, 2020, 02:35:45 PM
One crit however - it feels like missiles are just sort of too good in the mid-late game, especially as it turns out they can capture bases (!!!).

Oops!  Seems that "no fuel" missiles turns them effectively into gravships and able to capture bases.  I think I've fixed that.  This AAR will test that, at some point.

Mostly though, this AAR will be pragmatic, not thematic.  How do you win this game?  What strategic concerns are important, given the way this mod works now?  Well, let's find out!

the total destruction of everything
the total destruction of everything

As always, Huge map, 30%..50% land mass, average settings, Transcend difficulty, random opponents.  I draw the Free Drones.  I haven't played them in awhile so that's good.  They are the only faction in my mod that gets an INDUSTRY bonus, and there is no way to get an INDUSTRY bonus in the Social Engineering Table.  I believe they're overpowered, so in my mod they generally can't be had.  This is the specific faction power of the Free Drones, getting to do everything a little bit cheaper.

Their default research foci are Build and Conquer.  Usually when I play, I want to see what the game feels like from the AI's perspective, so I don't change the foci.  But the purpose of this game is to demonstrate to a human player, how to win the game.  So I will change my research to whatever I think will help me at any given time.

The Hive, Morganites, Cyborgs, Data Angels, Believers, and the University are in the game.  No Aliens so that means Diplomatic Victory is an easier option. 

The Believers are not Extremist in my mod, in fact they don't have any social engineering preferences at all.  So, there's no inherent reason for the Hive and the Believers to be enemies, unlike the original game.  Also they can choose Knowledge and cannot choose Cybernetic.  They aren't doomed to conflict with Zhakarov, there's actually no reason for it to happen, other than that the Believers are still Aggressive.  Rather, the Cyborgs are their nemesis.  If they make it to late game, they will come to blows.  And so will the Data Angels, whose compulsion in my mod is Thought Control.  I suspect that I'll beat them all, long before it matters though.

Hmm, in my mod, the Free Drones cannot choose Police State.  After all they're Free Drones.  They threw off the shackles, probably Yang's shackles.  He's not gonna like me!  I can expect early game conflict with the Hive, if we're neighbors.

In my mod, the track record is the University is likely to make tech go pretty fast for everybody.  Unless they get clobbered, in which case tech tends to be at a slower pace.  Not quite tech stagnation, but not that quick.  I played my last game as the Cult of Planet, and I was surprised at how slowly everything went after the University got clobbered.
modsSMAX - The Will to Power - mod
Posted by: Alpha Centauri Bear, December 02, 2019, 07:49:12 PM
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Latest releases:

This is a continuation of Fission Armor mod. I've decided to rename it and start a new thread because of few drastic changes.
I forked Induktio's Thinker mod with his generous permission and embedded it into my mod. Now I can tap into exe patching and fix some things previously not fixable by text patching. The most important one is unit cost calculation formula. I cannot express how happy I am to remove this pain in the ass that poisoned all my modding efforts until now! As a consequence, I've returned back all reactors as I can now correctly price them without breaking the game. Hence "Fission Armor" name is no longer relevant. I've renamed it to "Doer" without much thinking (no pun intended) as it compliments Thinker mod in my mind. Namely, Thinker mod teaches AI to think better. Whereas my mod adds more things for human player to do. I was also thought about "Thinker-Doer" combo, but "Doer" seems to be shorter and simpler. Let me know if you like new name.

This is Doer-20 version. I've play tested it a little and it is quite playable and satisfies me. There are few things on my TODO list. However, I believe there is no point to wait for perfection. Instead, I'll be releasing new version as long as I have time and will to do it. At the same time I hope to solicit user input to add or update my future releases based on it.

There is quite extensive README in the package that explains my reasons and modding ideas. However, it is worth reiterating once more that I want to highlight maximum number of game features already in the game. Most of them are extremely underpowered in vanilla and not appealing. This mod strives to make them appealing and must have in some strategies. Thus increasing play style variability = even greater replayability = even more fun!
I plan to do minimal changes for that purpose and do not plan to create completely new experience or new strategies. It should still feel like old good SMAX just better.

Release repository for latest releases. This place is no good to keep history. It doesn't allow more than 5 attachments.
xxStreaming Alpha Centauri!
Posted by: Trench Dog, August 09, 2019, 11:43:19 PM
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So I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. I configured OBS to where it can properly record Alpha Centauri, albeit its a bit clunky, and I can both stream and record video with it.

I'm thinking for anyone interested I'll do a stream of Alpha Centauri sometime on Sunday, say about 1 PM Mountain Standard time. I'll make a post on here just to remind you folks but I'll do a live stream of Alpha Centauri and you guys can tune in here:
projectProject Tablet Centauri
Posted by: Maximus Thalos, June 01, 2019, 09:12:41 PM
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I would like to introduce Tablet Centauri.
A stock-a-like additional interface for mobility and ease of access.

   This 'mod' started out as a means to make AC portable and easy to use on tablet devices that have touchscreen functionality. I have quickly realized the potential of an onscreen button HUD that makes quick and convenient actions. This is an incredible benefit to anyone who may not be able to use a keyboard in a efficient manner, or at all.

Mission Statement:      
-Create virtual keyboards for ease of use on Windows based devices and desktops.
-Use in game resources to create a stock-a-like look for virtual keyboards.
-Utilize any blank black bar space in AC with higher resolutions.

-Windows 10 or Windows based devices
-Hot Virtual Keyboard third party software

   These keyboards and point releases are as is. I'm doing the best I can with what I have. I'm not here to make custom keyboards for everyone. 2 jobs and 3 days a week maybe of free time combined with the attention span of a squirrel; efficiency does not make.
I will help you learn the software and try to help you create the keyboard you want. I will answer as many questions as I can but the point releases are as functional as I can get them at the moment. Everything Is new to me as well and this endeavor was started a mere few weeks ago.
   As far as the graphics go I will lend a hand in that. It was a pain getting Photoshop, Windows, and HVK to cooperate with each other. Eventually I will release some graphic sets to aid in making your own backgrounds, as they were the longest and most troubling part of this project.

Software Notice:
   Hot Virtual Keyboard is not free. It is a free trial (Shareware) that eventually expires. However, after it expires you will loose 0 functionality and only be subjected to automatic close after a eventual degrading time limit. After the software expired it stated I had 230 minutes till close. After a few days it shrank to 220,210,200 and so on. Unknown what happens when you reach the end. Retail was $30? but I believe the constant sale that is going on it will continue. Should be able to pick it up for $19.47. Wouldn't pay more that this. Of course cheaper is nice but I'm invested in this project and bought at least one copy for my tablet.

Alpha Centauri Installation:
   I have GOG's version and not that much modification beyond that besides a custom faction. If somehow this Key Mod gives you trouble in that regard, I'm sorry. Alpha Centauri looks decent in very few resolutions on a tablet. After testing all the resolutions I can cycle through, I've found 1440x900 and 1280x768 have the best 'fit' for the lower interface. Higher resolutions make it impossible to read in-game text. Lower resolutions significantly decrease the available 'dead-zone' space available for keys without overlapping any element of the game.

   I have a Nuvision Tm800w610L 8in tablet. Small, under-powered, crappy, cheap little Chinese mass-produced touchscreen. Its what I got and for AC, its all I need. Most windows based tablets are capable of the same resolutions regardless of make and model.

A few things to do before installation of the mod or starting AC.

   Tablet should be set to whatever the set requires first thing.
   For the sake of development I have to turn off my scaling from 125 to 100 while testing.

The Taskbar:
   Alas, the position of the taskbar at the bottom of windows gave my endless trouble. HVK doesn't like positioning itself over the taskbar. Even running a full-screen application it will slide itself just above where the taskbar should be. Fixed this by moving the taskbar to the top of the screen. So far I haven't found a workaround for this.

Adjusting specific settings:
   After installing HVK, a few changes in the settings may need to be made depending on your device.
   The small  keyboard icon is most useful if Hidden up on the taskbar.

You may have to restart HVK for some scaling changes to take effect.

Mod Installation:
   Pretty simple. HVK is default installed to C:\Program Files\HotVirtualKeyboard. Open the zip and drag all files accept for HVKActions.cka into the keyboards folder. HVKActions.cka needs to be put into the Data Folder. IF YOU BUY HVK then you can load the settings file included. This feature is not available during trial.

Installing Future Mods
   I recommend deleting the previous copy over files  before installing new ones. Make sure to exit HVK first.

new gotm iconGOTM March 2019, Exiles: Miriam's Vengeance SMAC
Posted by: Mart, March 02, 2019, 06:19:41 PM
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SMAC game. Remember, this is SMAC game!  ;miriam;

Southern Chiron hemisphere, Somewhere..., Mission Year 2190

Mission Year 2190, Day 1.

Miriam Godwinson took a deep breath. Since the landing yesterday, she got some 3 hours sleep. She was needed to make crucial decisions and did not want to leave them for her lieutenants. The air in the cabin of an escape pod was stale, but at least, one could breathe without a mask.

The pod landed on a wide beach deep in unexplored territory in the southern hemisphere. They only knew about this terrain what was visible to the line of horizon. The landing itself must have been overseen by God, since all pods, that managed to start from the last Believer's base, successfully flew over the ocean and barely on fuel fumes "drifted" over water to the first land they could find. Yes, it was a day yesterday...

* * *

Mission Year 2190, Day 0.

A plasma sentinel soldier rushed in to their local base command center in The Glory of God, the last base, that was still not conquered by Hiverian and University forces.
"We need to go now, Sister! NOW!" He was clearly desperate to convince them to leave the building immediately. Miriam looked towards Lt. Camia.
"All documents destroyed" Camia replied turning away from the shredder machine.
Miriam pointed to the main command computer.
"Soldier, destroy this."
"Yes, Sister, right away" he took a gun rifle from his shoulder.
"With explosive rounds" Miriam said.
The soldier shoot two longer rounds across the device. They could hear loud clanking sounds and sand-like sounds of electronics being torn to pieces.

They run out of the building. The smoke from flames of burning base facilities to the west was filling large part of the air. Somewhere to the south there was a large storage area warehouse, where they prepared some of the escape pods exactly for this occasion. It was the closest.
Miriam running turned on her inter-com.
"Miriam here. Commander Cassian, are you there?"
"This is Cassian. Where are you now?"
"We left command center... We are running south."
"You have the warehouse pods the closest to you, as we planned. There are three. I put more fuel in the largest one, Sister. Take the largest."

A minute later they reached storage field entrance. There it was, the largest pod.

Far in the distance to the east, she could see two Hiverian rovers rolling over a hill, behind base outskirts. Camia and the soldier were running towards the largest pod.
"No" Miriam shouted "take this one." She pointed towards the smaller pod, but closer to them. They reached it in several seconds and entered the pod. It already had a crew and they helped them to the seats.

Pilot was watching surroundings on a monitor. Camera was showing some shadowy figures running from the northern end of the storage field. They seemed to be hiding when running behind patches of smoke, so they could approached unnoticed, but it was in vain. University Commandos!
"Take them out" Miriam ordered.
"We will manage to start before they reach us, Sister" the pilot answered. "The other pods can deal with them."

A very loud explosion suddenly rocked their pod. A missile salvo from a rover on the hills has hit the largest pod. The pilot pulled the start lever and sudden g-force pushed them into the seats strongly. Yes, it was God's doing. If they got to that largest pod, they all would be dead now.

* * *

Mission Year 2190, Day 1.

Miriam walked towards a pod, where Commander Cassian established their present command center. Twelve pods started from The Glory of God base and twelve landed here on this shore successfully. She took a binocular and scanned horizon. To the west she could see rocky hills and some mountains behind them. To the east there were fungal fields. And to the south there was flat terrain covered with occasional patches of green Chiron grass.

They had no big choice where to establish a new base, but this was not that bad place. She was sure, no Hive or University unit could reach them here for long time. They had time to rebuild.

- - - = = = * * * * * = = = - - -

The attached is folder of the GOTM with scenario (.sc file) file and two txt files, that provide additional info.
- Unzip the compressed GOTM to your scenario folder.
- Start scenario from the .sc file in the folder.

THIS IS SMAC game. Vanilla, not expansion. Important info, so that you do not load the game in expansion game.
The game can be played with official game executable (PP, GOG, etc.) or patches, that do not change alpha.txt rules. Yitzi installation would work also in SMAC.

Scenario Objectives
Achieve listed below in smallest possible number of turns.
- Retake New Jerusalem. The original base must exist in order to qualify for victory.
- Eliminate both Hive and University factions.
- You or any AI can NOT achieve any other victory condition before the above.

Competition will be considered in Transcend and Librarian difficulties, but you can choose any of them in scenario.

- For competition, in case of the same date, Victory Points on F8 screen decide.
- Standings for Librarian and Transcendence difficulties will be held separately.
- Submissions after deadline are ranked in Consolation Standings.

Submission Deadline:
30 days after the next GOTM is posted, but not before the last day of May 2019.
xx[AC2DG] Alpha Centauri 2 Democracy Game - DISCUSSION
Posted by: Mart, January 11, 2019, 11:41:36 PM
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Board: Command Nexus
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[AC2DG] Alpha Centauri
Democracy Game

We started. This is SMAX (Alien Crossfire expansion) game.
Preferred version is scient 1.0, but you can open the save file in any unmodified alphax.txt game version: original official, GOG, Planetary Pack, etc.

1) There will be attached saves for this game, with publicly known passwords. Therefore, when you open a save, do not play it. Do not play further turns, so there is not "alternative future" checking, etc. Saves are for given game turn viewing. Game can be played by turnplayers, who play just one turn, then post it for the next faction.
2) You can participate in several teams, like be a drone, data angel, or cultist. Roleplay this, as if you were not aware of your involvement in other two factions (to some extent).
3) It is intended to have no commlink to human factions in pbem/net games before proper contact. A change may be made in alphax.txt. Meanwhile, if viewing turns, do not contact human/team factions before, although you can see them listed on F12 commlink window.

 ;deidre; Gaians
 ;domai; Free Drones (TEAM)
 ;yang; Human Hive
 ;roze; Data Angels (TEAM)
 ;morgan; Morganites
 ;cha; Planet Cult (TEAM)
 ;lal; Peacekeepers

World size is Standard, Average everything except: Abundant native life, Dense Cloud cover).
The map was engineered to make it more interesting.
Factions are placed in designed locations, they are distributed on the map, so they are not concentrated in some map region.

4 victory conditions:
Transcendence, Conquest, Diplomatic, Economic.
No cooperative victory.

- Flexible start location
- Blind research (YES !!!)
- No unity survey
the rest is OFF.

The game is for certain/obvious reason open, passwords are public.
letsplayAAR 4: Something a bit Different. Custom Faction Madness
Posted by: Green1, June 16, 2013, 09:40:19 PM
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Board: After Action Reports
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AAR 4: Something a bit Different. Custom Faction Madness

EDIT: This is a discussion of the characters. Actual gameplay is here:

It has been a while since I have shared a game with the community at AC2, and I think it is a time put up another AAR.

Last AAR, Lal Must Suffer, sadly was not finished. I had a computer problem that required reinstalling the operating system. Worse, I ended up having to buy Alpha Centauri again because the Planetary Pack disks were scratched to the point of uselessness. Also, being busy does not help. Playing an AAR takes 10 times the time of just playing a regular game because you have to stop at critical points, upload, and comment. So, a game that would take a day or so can go on for a week unless I just stay up for 15 hours on my day off and only post AAR posts! Sorry, can not do that for you guys. So this will be ongoing for a while.

This particular AAR is going to deviate a bit. A while back, the powers that be over here managed to get supposedly ALL the custom factions from a defunct site known as the Network Node. The Network Node was dedicated to creating custom factions. Now, like all "unofficial" works, some of these factions are VERY high quality. Others are half-ass wastes of hard drive space. In this AAR, I have some of the more tolerable ones and, one I think is a REAL gem!

In addition, I also want to pay homage to two Total Conversion Modders. One of them is long time poster and AC2 member Kilkalon who has the "Lost Eden Mod". The other is Chuft who resides on WPC and created the Lazy Mythos. I will discuss each when I get to the "character" set up. For this AAR, before we get to actual playing, I need to comment on each faction and some history. Sadly, there is one famous TCM from AC history I could not get stuff on. There was a very early TCM called SMANIAC by Civ Fanatic poster and occasional visitor to AC2 named Maniac. Maniac is also responsible for the Civ 4 mod "Planetfall", which in my opinion, has been the ONLY semi-successful attempt to recreate Alpha Centauri. The only faction I could find from that era was the Bree, an aquatic progenitor faction that the AI could not really do properly in test runs. Maybe next time.

Once again, feel free to comment/ whatever. I am no thread Nazi. I actually enjoy strategy talks, talking, or even scolded if I start playing stupidly.

That said, let's meet the characters for this soap opera!

* Chiron News Network

Posted by: Induktio, May 31, 2020, 10:07:57 PM
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xxThinker Mod v2.0
Posted by: Induktio, May 31, 2020, 10:07:57 PM
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Board: Chiron News Network
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After roughly one month in development, Thinker Mod v2.0 is now available from the download page. Thinker is an AI improvement mod that enhances the stock AI performance to previously unseen levels while providing many options for adjusting the gameplay experience.

This release also has one of biggest ever changelogs for this mod. Many features have been added or adjusted based on feedback from various playtesters. This version also fixes the previous bug where the satellite attack menu didn't work in SMAC in SMACX mode. Even for this one change alone, it is worth upgrading to the newest release.
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, April 29, 2020, 08:45:17 PM
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xxPortraits 7
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, April 29, 2020, 08:45:17 PM
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Portraits 7

Leaderheads are the most time-consuming aspect of a SMACX faction graphic, so in the same spirit as the Bases, Logos and Landscape series (also to be found in this section of AC2 Downloads), here are eight leaderheads, ready to copy/paste as-is into your next custom faction.  It is hoped that these graphic goodie files will give beginners at faction modding a leg up.  For info on art techniques and to ask any questions, post here.

These portraits were a lot of work, but all I ask is that you credit me in the blank space of the .pcx you use one in.  Posting to let me know you found it useful would be okay, too.   Enjoy.;sa=view;down=368
Posted by: Chauliodus, September 21, 2019, 02:24:48 PM
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xxComplexi [updated]
Posted by: Chauliodus, September 21, 2019, 02:24:48 PM
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Complexi [updated];sa=view;down=367

Here is the Complexi. I got as far as I could in completely replacing the University, but my inability to edit .mve and .flc files means I couldn't make the picture slideshow or put my voice in a couple secret project videos. There was an issue with the stage 4 base going transparent, and I added design to it to fix the problem. As well I have improved the social build in this update.

The Complexi is a cyber-gothic faction that values diversity above everything. It is united under Sovereign Indigo, a dictator that values competition and individual sovereignty. He is a foil to Yang in this respect, and holds an optimistic ideology about the Multiverse. The Complexi were founded on the principal that there is no difference between pain and pleasure, and equal treatment to all members in society. Those who live (or keep their self-awareness) through the darwinistic trials of Complexi society are then a part of the diverse network of individuals, united behind a socialist economy that grows more and more cybernetic each day. They hold technology and human might highly, and continually experiment amongst themselves, often in virtual reality. The more obscurity a Complexi member has experienced, the stronger he/she/it is. This makes them adept at psi warfare, and to prevent yourself from becoming someone's slave in the society, you must have a strong, unique mind.

Without enough social connection, Complexi bases will not grow in population. Their religion promotes experimentation, and therefore there is no downside to Fundamentalist.
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, September 09, 2019, 09:12:49 PM
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InfomationFiraxis AC site mirror undergoing upgrade
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, September 09, 2019, 09:12:49 PM
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Board: Chiron News Network
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The buttons lighting up blue and other features of the original site have been reinstated.  Getting the mini-pages of the Technology section working right is underway.  You can follow our progress in the Council Room thread linked below.  This is a real pleasure for those of us who used to browse the site in the Old days...
Posted by: BlaneckW, September 08, 2019, 01:31:48 PM
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xxPlanetfall review
Posted by: BlaneckW, September 08, 2019, 01:31:48 PM
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Board: Chiron News Network
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Age of Wonders has been my favorite series, and Planetfall is probably a good game. Maybe I even like it apart from being irritated, since it’s my series. It’s just not what I would have hoped for, partly because the empire building you would expect of the sci-fi genre simply isn’t there beyond a rudimentary level.

While I don’t demand the nitty-gritty of Alpha Centauri (not that I don’t like that), significant global and city strategic descion making might have been warranted, unless that would just be a complete turn off for their fan base. I like to think I am part of that fan base. And I know wargamers like war games but this iteration is definitely a little more civilization-esque, and it kind of would have been the place for it.

On the other hand, the Age of Wonders series was always a war game, so I suppose I could have been fine with it.  However, unlike previous games it expects me to care about war gaming on a gritty level, and I don’t.  At least not for if I don’t get the global strategy or empire building I want. 

More than past AOW games, Planetfall is made more for (practically revolves around) fans who want tactical battles. Not that you have to play them, but unlike previous games the tech tree is a bunch of weapon and other unit modifications I know little about or care little about, because I play games on the strategic level. AOW has always been a global game to me; I can enjoy tactical here and there to improve battle results.

In terms of other differences with past AOW games, I suppose I like the new province system. Past AOW maps kind of just had structures splayed around, here the map is tied together. But again, it feels like there’s not much strategy there (on the global level).  I also like the independent factions you can do “diplomacy” with, though I’ve only seen a couple of them. 

In closing, Planetfall reminds me a bit of other Paradox war games; I used to play the World War 2 games Hearts of Iron 1 & 2, and well, I’d probably be willing to design a unit in it, but Hearts of Iron lacks other stuff you might want like a political system, which you get in the Kaissereich mod. I know it’s supposed to be a “war game”, but you start to wonder if designers are just complete a-holes for not giving you something with more than one dimension.  I can only guess that one dimension must be what wargamers want.

Maybe I will learn to enjoy Planetfall as just a wargame if the AI or campaign presents a challenge. Although it seems unlikely, I wouldn’t be surprised if Triumph made a more empire building game, or overhauled the current one with an expansion or sequel. The AI of AOW3 for instance was overhauled, and I enjoyed the Frostling expansion’s campaign and content.  I expect great things of Triumph, and remain hopeful if irritated, unless they intend to service only the people that like this kind of thing.
Posted by: vonbach, September 07, 2019, 02:07:18 PM
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xxChiron no Jungle
Posted by: vonbach, September 07, 2019, 02:07:18 PM
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Chiron no Jungle;sa=view;down=363

Just what it sounds like. A map of planet with no jungle on it.
Posted by: DrazharLn, August 15, 2019, 04:04:59 AM
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xxscient v2.1 patch (Unofficial SMAC/SMAX patch v2.1)
Posted by: DrazharLn, August 15, 2019, 04:04:59 AM
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scient v2.1 patch (Unofficial SMAC/SMAX patch v2.1)

AC2 Download link
Github repo
Posted by: Protok St, July 24, 2019, 08:56:40 AM
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featuresJust another stream of Alpha Centauri
Posted by: Protok St, July 24, 2019, 08:56:40 AM
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Hi All!
This is the message I've got from my operational director.

- - - = [ Operational Director ] = - - -
Our data security officers has found this intresting datastreams surfing thru the Network Node in Planetary Net. Someone sends the video data about events on Planet.
If you make a deсision we will try to trace it and stop the transmissions. Or we can include this transmissions into our Network Nodes and make it possible for our citizens.
So what shall we do?
Allow it for drones and talents.
Send a Probe Team to prevent.

There is the last transmission:

Welocome to the steams!
Posted by: bvanevery, December 13, 2018, 09:08:47 PM
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xxSMAC $1.49 winter sale at GOG
Posted by: bvanevery, December 13, 2018, 09:08:47 PM
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They're at it again.  Think you need to buy today to get the price.  $6 otherwise, hardly a bank breaker.

Posted by: Buster's Uncle, December 04, 2018, 09:22:51 PM
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scenarioGOTM December 2018, Morgan's Merchant League
Posted by: Buster's Uncle, December 04, 2018, 09:22:51 PM
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Morgan's Merchant League

- - - = = = * * * * * = = = - - -

Morgan Industries, Mission Year 2150

Morgan left the meeting room and took an elevator to his apartment.

This day was particularly difficult. His analysts reported news about University of Planet starting a new Secret Project, so-called The Virtual World. They discussed for long time possible implications of Zakharov completing his new endeavor. And his effort towards The Merchant Exchange was still in danger, he did not know, how much Roze was close to completion of her Merchant Exchange project, which she started already 15 years ago. The Exchange must be in Morgan Industries! He cannot allow the main stock exchange of the Planet to be outside of his faction. And Roze, an escapee from his own corporation, the one in whom he placed so much trust and hopes for the future considering her computer systems skills, was now showing her strength. Sinder Roze won the Planetary Governor elections in 2141. He even helped her, for a good bribe, ofcourse, yet it was completely uncertain, what danger she poses in the future.

However, now it was late evening, and Morgan was very tired. He took a look around his luxurious apartment. Hmm, it could be better. As far as he knew, it was the most luxurious in the whole corporation. And actually, no other faction could afford such luxury. So it was the best apartment on Chiron, but not good enough for Nwabudike Morgan. He had better one on Earth. So here, he has to have a better one than that one on Earth.

He made a drink with Morga-Cola from the finest fruit tincture he traded with Believers. They had it from Unity Supply pods, and naturally, such luxurious Old Earth Merchandise had to find its way to Morgan Industries. He instructed his diplomats to search for such opportunities when dealing with other factions on Chiron. The drink was excellent choice, he felt, he could do something else today. Thinking about merchandise from Earth, there was something more, acquired recently, an old computer game "Patrician III." The economic game, which simulated Hanseatic League during middle ages in Europe. He could play for some time.

After several hours, Luebeck was prospering, it was the best town in the game! He was its Lord Mayor and soon Alderman of the whole Hanseatic League. Small consolation for his lost elections in 2141! Ha ha ha! Morgan laughed. He lost real elections on Alpha Centauri for Planetary Governorship and now he plays an old and outdated graphics, computer game to get even. Pathetic.

And what if he actually won on Chiron such trading merchandise "game"? Yes, that's the idea. He can give it a go for a hundred years. Morgan Industries will be the best faction in Planetary Commerce till 2250. Other aims can wait. He is going to be immortal anyway, so it will be like nothing. Pure joy for an economic tycoon like him.

Tomorrow! He will summon his economic council and seed the idea...
Posted by: bvanevery, November 23, 2018, 03:42:51 PM
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xxSMAC $1.49 Black Friday sale at GOG
Posted by: bvanevery, November 23, 2018, 03:42:51 PM
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Board: Chiron News Network
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Posted by: DrazharLn, November 05, 2018, 12:31:51 PM
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xxscient v2 patch (Unofficial SMAC/SMAX patch v2.0)
Posted by: DrazharLn, November 05, 2018, 12:31:51 PM
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scient v2 patch (Unofficial SMAC/SMAX patch v2.0);sa=view;down=364

Edit: superseded by v2.1. Check the downloads section here on AC2 or the github releases:
Posted by: Alpha Centauri Bear, September 06, 2018, 09:23:40 PM
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xxHelp me find a mod combination
Posted by: Alpha Centauri Bear, September 06, 2018, 09:23:40 PM
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Board: Chiron News Network
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Hello all SMAX mod lovers.
Some time ago I've installed a mod or mod combination and enjoyed challenged games greatly. Unfortunately, I had to wipe out my machine and reinstall everything. Sadly, I cannot find the same mod I used. I dug up a lot of locations and forums but it eludes me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This is what I remember about mod I played.
1. It had improved AI including improved AI terraforming. AI opponents were exceptionally challenging in both economical and military ways to the end of the game.
2. Game gave special basic units to AI to help them out. These units were called like "AI Former", "AI Probe", etc. These units have special abilities boosting their potential. Like "AI Former" had "Super Former" ability and "AI Probe" had PSI defense and antigrav struts - so that AI Probes move 3 turn regardless of terrain and can sustain regular military unit attack by converting it to psi combat. Manual recommended to make such booster AI units obsolete and do not use them by player.
3. New factions: Atlanteans, Bree, Circe, Conservatory of Planet, Covenants, etc. Not sure if this is related to mod itself. Maybe I just added custom factions.

Thank you for all pointers!
Posted by: Green1, May 20, 2018, 10:45:31 AM
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xxTriumph Studios/ Paradox Games to release Age of Wonders: Planetfall!
Posted by: Green1, May 20, 2018, 10:45:31 AM
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Board: Chiron News Network
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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

PC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
Age of Wonders goes sci-fi
Prepare for Planetfall.

Wesley Yin-Poole

Deputy Editor

The next game in the Age of Wonders series is a science fiction version called Planetfall.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a turn-based empire building strategy game due out on PC and consoles in 2019. Triumph Studios, developer of the Age of Wonders games, is once again at the helm, with Paradox publishing.

Setting wise, you emerge from a fallen galactic empire to explore planetary ruins and meet surviving factions that have each evolved in their own way. The single-player campaign sees you discover the history of a civilisation. There are random maps and you can play multiplayer against friends.

Triumph boss Lennart Sas said Planetfall is roughly three years into development, and runs on a new generation of its Creator Engine. "While the setting is new, we're confident that Age of Wonders fans will feel right at home exploring the remnants of the Star Union," he said.

"Our aim is to make a game that greatly expands upon its predecessors, and still employs the core principles that made Age of Wonders such a success."

Here are the key features, as per Paradox:

- Strategic Turn-Based Sci-Fi Combat: Perfect your combat strategy in intense turn-based battles that offer tactical challenges, a large cast of races, units with customisable weapons, and destructible environments.

- Discover a Rich Science Fiction World: Uncover the history of the fallen galactic empire as you explore lush landscapes, and experience the emergent story. Encounter NPC factions and rival houses, and discover hidden technologies that can strengthen your society and give you advantage over enemies.

- Planetary Empire Building: Create your own unique House, and build prosperous colonies through economic specializations of planetary sectors and governing doctrines.

- Multiple Paths to Victory: Achieve your end goals through conquest, diplomacy or doomsday technologies. Engrossing options with NPC factions and rival Houses won't make the decisions easy!

Posted by: MercantileInterest, April 28, 2018, 08:19:08 PM
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xxBinary Dawn 3.2
Posted by: MercantileInterest, April 28, 2018, 08:19:08 PM
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Board: Chiron News Network
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Binary Dawn 3.2;sa=view;down=362

Description: Description: Description: Binary Dawn now requires Yitzi Patch 3.5 (with 3.5d or higher letter patch fix).;sa=view;down=346;cat=2

Description: Binary Dawn is an extensive gameplay overhaul based on Maniac's excellent Smaniac project. The new features include:

1. A reworked tech tree which allows earlier access to useful facilities like Tachyon Fields and delays discovery of certain projects like the Cloudbase Academy. Some of the techs have been renamed. For example, Centauri Agriculture allows access to forests, while Centauri Ecology permits Green Economics.

2. A revised social engineering system. Democracy is no longer the only feasible political choice. Less favored choices like Fundamentalist and Power have been boosted. The Future Society row has also undergone revision.

3. Rebalanced SMAC and SMAX factions. Aside from the Progenitors, all human factions should operate at roughly the same power level. Seven new factions, based around unusual gameplay options, may also be selected.

4. A redesign of the combat system. Choppers have reduced range. The AAA special ability appears well before needlejets, so fighting an opponent with air power does not equate to extinction. Hypnotic trance and empath song are slightly less effective to empower PSI. Defense is a viable strategy thanks to cheaper and earlier armor.

Binary Dawn includes many other features to improve the Alpha Centauri gaming experience. Try it out for a new take on a great game!