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Summer Solstice 2005 AI Challenge
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:33:46 PM »
Scenario Name: Summer Solstice 2005 AI Challenge
Author: Chaos Theory
Date of original posting: 6/21/05
Original host site: Apolyton

Basic instructions: put all the files except the .pcx files in a
scenario subdirectory; put the .pcx files in the main Alpha Centauri

The situation: You, as Morgan, gathered your coterie first, composed of
the best and brightest accountants, lawyers, merchants, brokers, and
their ilk. You found a prime location to crash land upon, and promptly
set up shop. Business is good, of course, but the addition of some dumb
money would cause it to boom! Time to rip someone off! The sweetest form
of victory would be economic, but any victory is victory.

More potent artillery
Ships move significantly faster
3-Pulse and 8-Pulse armors cheaper (cost of 4 and 9 respectively)
Noncombat units can be AAA
Probes can be amphibious
Fundamentalist and Power boosted
AI boosted quite a bit
Mines don't lower nutrient production
And more!

Rules: No stealing the Ascent to Transcendence! That is, you may not
build it if an AI possesses the Voice of Planet. If an AI builds the
VoP, you can still conquer, gas, buster, or otherwise pry that SP out of
their grasp, and then transcend. No peeking at the faction files before
giving the scenario a few tries! Anything else legitimate in a PBEM is
fine in this scenario - no cheating, but exploits like crawlers and
crawler upgrades are fine.

Any problems with the scenario - post here and I'll look into them. Too easy? I can tweak it. Too hard? Play it again!;sa=view;down=245


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