Author Topic: Challenge Scenario: Things that go Thump in the night  (Read 1082 times)

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Challenge Scenario: Things that go Thump in the night
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:24:00 PM »
Scenario Name: Challenge Scenario: Things that go Thump in the night
Author: Blake
Date of original posting: 10/30/05
Original host site: Apolyton

It's a scary post-apocalyptic world.

Right wing fundamentalists have inherited the earth. "Wait" you say,
weren't they supposed to ascend to heaven or something? Well… you should
see the other guy!

Actually, you'll be playing the other guy...

This scenario takes place on the Map of Earth, native life and raising
land are disabled (the jungles have interiors full of fungus to make you
do some clearing). Further note that you get the AI no drones thing
allowing you to forgo police or run FM early. Don't feel bad about
exploiting this, Miriam has +8 police among other bonuses .

Miriam has 3 very strong cores, one in the USA. Another at the bottom of
South Africa. A 3rd in Australia... each core has it's own HQ.

The other factions are all playable:
(They all start with an extra Colony Pod and Former)

The Gaians start in Canada, they have no meatshield between them and the
thumpers. They have a rubbish start too, I mean, Canada? No jungle for
the Gaians!
Difficulty: Unholy Hard.

The Peace Keepers have a nice desert in North Africa, they have the honor of being an ablative meatshield for other factions.
Difficulty: Extremely Hard.

The University starts in Russia, with no special terrain but lots of it
to expand into. They wont face the full brunt of Miriam’s attacks due to
the Peacekeepers and Hive.
Difficulty: Hard.

The Hive starts in China, it's a very nice start and if you hurry you
can even choke off the African Believers with a well placed base.
Difficulty: Moderate.

The Morganites start in South America; they have jungle to expand into
and the Spartans as an ablative shield. Of course the Spartan AI can't
be relied on to hold off the Believers for long so they'll need some
serious propping up.
Difficulty: Moderate.

The Spartans start at the top of South America; they have jungle to
expand into and can choke off the USA Believers. They share the jungle
with Morgan. Difficulty: Moderate.

Just because it's so easy to kill a giant rabid Miriam it's best to play with some self-imposed rules too:
1) No abusing crawler upgrade cash-in.
2) No reverse engineering probe teams.
3) No SE quickies or other blatant exploits/cheats like multiple drops.

Kill Miriam with HONOR!;sa=view;down=244


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