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King of the Hill 2006
« on: May 03, 2014, 08:24:52 PM »
Scenario Name: King of the Hill 2006
Author: Darsnan
Date of original posting: 7/12/06
Original host site: Apolyton

Backdrop for the game: Hundreds of thousands of years ago 4 great
civilizations developed on Planet, and many great terraforming feats
were performed, reshaping Planet into the visage of a perfect Utopia for
its citizens. However, these same 4 civilizations had also developed
advanced weapons of destruction, and for some inexplicable reason a war
ensued, shattering Planet’s well cultivated surface and destroying the
utopian societies which populated Planet’s surface. Now, eons later,
only traces of what was once an advanced race still remain.

Premise for the game: as the Unity approached Planet, sensors started
picking up the telltale signs of the ancient, destroyed civilizations.
As more was learned about the extent of the ancient civilizations, as
well as the level of destruction to Planet’s surface, Shadow groups
within the Unity’s hierarchy began to plot how best to exploit Planet’s
resources to their own advantages. However, there is always a fly in the
ointment, this case being the destruction of the Unity. Some say it was
sabotage, others say that the Unity malfunctioned, while still others
think it was an ancient planetary defense system that fired on Unity,
destroying the spacecraft. Regardless, with the destruction of the Unity
so too went the formal governing body of the United Nations. With this
power vacuum occurring the Shadow groups realized their time had come,
and as they consolidated themselves on Planet’s surface they began to
expand their new empires, and to follow their own agendas.

You are the Peace Keepers. Your job is to re-unite the warring Factions
of humanity under the U.N. banner and proclaim Planet as the Dominion of

Directions for loading the Game: unzip the attached file and save in
your scenarios folder. Start SMAX, select Scenarios/ Play Scenario, and
then select “King of the Hill”. The game will automatically load you as
the PKs.

Observations: if any of you feel you’ve played this before, you are
right! This is a remake of my first SP Challenge back in January of
2003. Essentially what happened was that a little while ago Kirov had
asked me if I had ever made any really hard scenarios, and when I went
to point him to this game I realized the links for this game at CGN
didn’t work anymore. So I decided to update the game with all that I had
learned since I originally “cut my teeth” on Scenario Creation back in
late ’02: it is now much more entertaining, IMO!
As usual there are some new concepts here, which should be interesting to see how you guys handle/ adapt to.




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