Flechette Defense System

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Flechette Defense System
Flechette Defense System.png
Missile Defense
Mineral rows 12
Maintenance 2
Requires N-Space Compression
Missile attack on Zeta-5. Humans activate : first defense successful.

Afterwards : danger posed by innovation suddenly clear.

—Usurper Judaa Marr,
“Human : Nature”

+50% defense against conventional missiles for any units up to two squares away.

In the absence of Orbital Defense Pods, the system can shoot down Planet Busters and Tectonic and Fungal Missiles 50% of the time within two-squares of the base.

Both effects are cumulative; i.e., if there are two Flechette Systems within a two-square radius of a missile's target, then a missile has only a 25% chance of success.