Doctrine: Flexibility

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Doctrine: Flexibility
“Control of Planet requires naval power”
Requires Doctrine: Mobility
Leads to Doctrine: Initiative, Adaptive Doctrine, Doctrine: Air Power
Chassis Foil
Weapon Troop Transport
Unit Transport Foil
Facility Pressure Dome
AI priority
Conquer: 2, Discover: 0, Build: 1, Explore: 4
He held his arm too stiffly, and so was thrown back repeatedly,

until at last I seized his forearm and snapped it back against
itself. His training suffered while the arm healed, of course,
but I felt this was a lesson he must learn early, and well.

—Spartan Kel,
“Honing the Ki”

Many radical young military officers felt that Doctrine: Mobility did not go far enough in the development of fast attacks and quick reconnaissance, because Mobility only takes land forces into account. These leaders work to create the first navies on Planet, based on Doctrine: Flexibility—co-ordination and co-operation between forces made possible by control of the sea.