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Originally from the The SMAC Academy

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Files: The SMACSid Meier's Alpha Centauri Academy

Featuring tips and write-ups from experienced players and creators on various aspects of the game.

Basic Information
  • Crawlers
    Author: buster
    A very comprehensive article on how to use crawlers to blow past your opponents.
  • Pop-Booming
    Author: buster
    A basic how-to on pop-booming, one of the most essential techniques in the game.
  • Social Engineering Settings
    Author: Mark
    This is a basic primer on the most efficient SESocial Engineering settings for the original SMAC 7 factions.
  • ORP's
    Authors: Colony Pod & Northswordsman
    This article gives some pointers on creating an extended sensor net beyond your landmass.
  • Secret Project Instabuilding
    Author: Big_Canuk
    This article gives some great instructions on how to build your Secret Projects super FAST. Extremely well explained.
  • SMAX SE settings, Part 1.
    Author: Mark
    This article gives good advice on social settings for the Cyborgs, Angels and Drones.
  • Builder's Primer: Early Game
    Author: Ogie Oglethorpe
    This is an excellent article on the early game mechanics for builder's factions.
  • Terraforming: Options, options, options
    Author: Ogie Oglethorpe
    An article that explains the various terraforming appoaches in SMAC/X and lists the results. Spreadsheet included.
  • Early Game Combat
    Author: buster
    An article that explains the various steps of Early Game combat, as well as some considerations about Early Game combat.
  • Treatise on Morale
    Author: Maniac
    In depth look at the determining factors for unit morale, and how to make the most of it.
  • Economy Throughout the Ages
    Author: Maniac
    An article arguing that level of technology determines the best terraforming strategy.
  • Hive Strategy
    Author: sentry33
    An article covering Hive strategy.
  • Planet Cult Strategy
    Author: JustinSane
    An article covering Planet Cult strategy.

  • The Scenario Editor
    Author: Googlie
    This is an indepth article on using the Scenario Editor to create scenarios for Smac/X.
  • Alpha(x).txt editing
    Authors: Darsnan & Rubin
    A very thorough guide on customization by editing the settings files