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Belated Winter Solstice 2005 Challenge
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:14:31 PM »
Belated Winter Solstice 2005 Challenge;sa=view;down=243

Scenario Name: Belated Winter Solstice 2005 Challenge
Author: Chaos Theory
Date of original posting: 2/23/06
Original host site: Apolyton

(for best results, copy the .pcx and .flc files to your main Alpha Centauri directory)

The story:
In 2145, Foreman Domai led a strike at Morgan Mines. It was brutally suppressed,
but Domai and some followers escaped, helped frequently by an unknown Sinder Roze.
Morgan put increasingly large bounties on Domai's head, but was cruelly taught that
money can't buy everything when shareholders in several major corporations withdrew
their support for Morgan. Two days later, he was arrested on charges of fraud.
Damning evidence surfaced, including some tapes Morgan swore under lie detection
were not of him. He was swiftly convicted and imprisoned, but while the business
world was distracted, Sinder Roze completed her takeover, and began transforming
Morgan's faction.

Domai eventually fled across the ocean, unaware he was no longer being pursued.
There, he founded a communist society, of the worker and for the worker. He
worked singlemindedly for the prosperity of his people until his death last year
of emphysema, perhaps triggered by poor working conditions among the Morganites,
or perhaps an unforseen complication of cryogenic sleep. You were installed as
the new leader, to carry on Domai's legacy and bring true communism to all of Planet.

Unfortunately, Domai was neither educated nor intelligent. You now know that
Domai made some very poor choices, and your research program is in shambles.
Even worse, rumors of weapon-bearing aliens are circulating amidst your drones.
Perhaps your old contact Sinder Roze can help?

The rules:
DO NOT .txt files besides readme.txt yet!

No cheats/exploits/bugs that are disallowed in PBEMs.

If another faction owns the Voice of Planet, you may not build the Ascent to
Transcendence, until you rectify this (by infantry, planet buster, or whatever).

Scattered across Planet are landmarks 1-8. If you have a land or naval unit
on a landmark, you may read its associated .txt file. You may use the scenario
editor to carry out instructions listed within. Only follow the instructions in each once per game.

Some changes:
Specialists changed slightly.
Tech tree rearranged slightly.
SE settings slightly changed.
High-powered weapons increased in cost.
Pulse armor removed because it's stupid and the AIs misuse it.
Artillery damage increased.
Copters substantially slowed.
Ships slightly sped up.
Certain special abilities are allowed on more units.
Dissociative Wave costs 50% more. Blink Displacer costs 4 times as much.
Lowered maintenance for Subsea Trunkline, Holo Theater, and Paradise Garden.
Increased maintenance for Hab Complex and Hab Dome.
Satellite and Ascent to Transcendence build costs increased.
Mining platforms give +2 minerals before Adv Ecological Engineering, and +3 after.
Mines do not lower nutrient production.


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