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The Ultimate Builder Challenge
« on: May 03, 2014, 03:38:11 AM »
The Ultimate Builder Challenge;sa=view;down=213

Scenario Name: July 2009 Game of the Month (GotM) "The Ultimate Builder Challenge"
Author: zsozso
Date of original posting: 11/26/00
Original host site: WePlayCiv

Here is the Game of the Month for July: The Ultimate Builder Challenge.
For the purpose of the GOTM any type of victory is OK, you do not need to win by transcendence.

The game is "almost" a standard SMACX game with a very specific set of
setup option and faction choice which makes it hard to transcend.

The factions
1. Planet Cult - the human player, i.e. You
2. Hive
3. Believers
4. Spartans
5. Pirates
6. Caretakers
7. Usurpers

Rule options:
* All victory conditions ON
* Do or Die ON
* Look First ON
* Tech Stagnation ON
* Spoils of War OFF - can't steal it
* Blind Research ON
* Intense rivalry (aggressive AI) ON
* Bell Curve ON - better comparison chances for the challenge
* Iron Man ON
Difficulty: Transcend (of course!)

The game is played on the Huge Map of Planet - so that everybody has the
same chance to know it including me, because I want to participate too
without unfair advantage.

For the same reason, I give you the starting locations (pods/scouts,
look first is on, so you can walk about before putting down your city).
Of course, you can also load the scenario into the editor to look around before you play.

Just don't use the editor during the challenge game...
1. Cult (You) start at (69,17) - Isle of Deianira
2. Hive at (91,71) - near Monsoon Jungle
3. Believers at (110,32) - near Upland Wastes
4. Spartans at (32,102) - near Freshwater Sea
5. Pirates at (74,78) - between Sea of Unity and Geothermal Shallows
6. Caretakers (15,55) - near The Ruins
7. Usurpers (46,54) - near Garland Crater

Now, the only remaining thing to explain is the almost above, i.e. what
makes this scenario very different from a game started up with the same
setup parameters and factions. It is the diplomacy setup!

Each AI faction has the following special diplomacy setting:
* Vendetta with Planet Cult
* Atrocity victim of Planet Cult
* Want revenge against Planet Cult
* Fight to Death with Planet Cult
* Pact with all other AI factions
* Surrendered to all other AI factions (yes the Scenario editor allows
both ways surrendered state - go figure )
* The current diplomacy status is fixed - cannot change during game!

BTW, do not hope to get some freebie tech or Alien Artifacts from the Unity pods. These 2 goodies are disabled.


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