Author Topic: Treatise on Chiron's native fauna and flora  (Read 2642 times)

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Treatise on Chiron's native fauna and flora
« on: February 09, 2011, 12:31:09 PM »
Kody's observations from 4000 reloads in the hive simulator.
The following results were obtained by reloading a save repeatively in the scenerio editor to see what kind of random effects might happen:

  • mindworms always attack an adjacent base before any unit. This means if a mindworm is next to a base your units not inside the base square are completely safe from attack.
  • If forest A grows onto forest B, forest B will pass on the growth of forest A to another randomly chosen square. This is apparent when you have forest growth that is stated to be next to base A (where forest A is nearest to). However the forest appears near base B (where forest B is nearest to). If a forest grows onto a square it is not allowed to the growth is lost.
  • random mindworms are generated in response to the presence of a faction. You can remove the fungus near your bases and the mindworms that would have appeared next to your bases will start spourting in fungus further away from your bases, or at sea. If the probability of mindworms appearing is reduced by any of the techniques explained below, then the mindworms will be more likely to appear in fungus further away. The probability that a mindworm will appear in response to your faction does not change. Rather the distance the mindworm appears changes.
  • If there is a continent with fungus and no cities on or anywhere near it. Random mindworms will never spawn on it. As they spawn in response to factions.
  • sensors and bases reduces the chance of mindworms appearing in a radius of 2. However there is still a slight probability that a mindworm will appear. Note that mindworms often appear 3 squares away and move in through the fungus. In order of least likely to happen, to most likely to happen.

- Mindworms will most rarely appear in a fungus square adjacent to a base. (only saw it happen once) Note that with all my tests every base also had a sensor under it. I'm not sure if base and sensor effects are culmative.
- Mindworms will rarely appear in fungus adjacent to a sensor.
- Mindworms might appear in fungus 2 squares away from a base.
- Mindworms can appear in fungus 2 squares away from a sensor.
- Mindworms most often appear in fungus 3 squares away from bases.

  • It appears that moving a unit through a fungus square removes the chance that a mindworm will randomly appear in that square for a set amount of time (not sure how long).
  • The chance of mindworms generated by a unit moving through fungus near bases or sensors are modified in a similar way to the probability of mindworms appearing near sensors or bases.
  • A square can generate mindworms twice in a row, but after a unit is sucessfully moved through that square it rarely produces a mindworm.
  • Units never get blocked by fungus if they are moving onto a fungus square that already has a unit on it.
  • If an isle of deep appears from a pod and your ship moves away, it will usually head for the nearest nearest coast.

If there is no coast in a radius of something like 4-5 squares it will just sit there.

  • If an isle of deep appears from a pod far away from a city (greater than 10-15 squares, not sure exact number) the isle of deep will usually just sit there.
  • After about about 10 turns isles of deep that appear from pods or randomly from fungus will disppear off the face of the earth.
  • An sporelauncher on an isle of deep was noted to disembark when there is no terraforming that it can destory. So placing units over all the terraforming within 2 square radius of the sporelauncher may force it to disembark.
  • When a fungal bloom occurs it checks the closest fungal patch near the base in a 3 square radius. If there is no fungus near the base it will usually generate fungus two or 3 squares to the north-west of the base
  • When fungus patches are of equal distance to the base. Fungal blooms seem to occur in a clockwise direction starting at the north-west with a roughly 50% chance that each patch will generate the bloom. When the bloom occurs the fungus will grow from that fungus patch towards the base in question.
  • In single player fungal blooms can be immediately covered in the same turn by forest. As production is calculated before forest growth in single player.
  • In multiplayer forest growth is calculated when the last person in the turn order clicks end turn. In multiplayer the fungal blooms are calculated during the production phase of each base. If a base that is earlier in the base list than the base that produced the fungal bloom that base still benefits from the square before the fungal bloom.
  • The battle odds displayed aren't an accurate display of the actual odds. When odds of 3:2 were tested 400 times the probability of the unit winning the battle seemed to be 85%. This is probably due to the odds on a per damage baias is 3:2 however the effect of the damage probability is averaged out by multiple iterrations and hence the probability of the unit winning the battle is much greater than 3:2.
(originally posted by Kody at Apolyton - the thread was located in the Archives section and is no longer available)
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Anyone else feels like it's time to fix the faction graphics bug?


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