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12 x 12 - Factions discussion
« on: February 16, 2021, 04:48:34 PM »
Greetings, Friends and Like-minded People!
If you are on this forum and reading this topic, most likely you are just as excited as I am about such a work of art as Alpha Centauri by Bryan Reynolds design.

Today I want to raise a question for our discussion.

The Alpha Centauri story reveals 12 human factions, a dozen. And by coincidence, the story of Beyond Earth also reveals 12, dozen human factions to us.
I would like to make a comparison of these two groups for every possible metric that our community can think of.
And not least to draw parallels of correspondence between these two groups in search of paired similarity.

Group #1
M(7):  ;zak; Zakharov (University),  ;yang; Yang (Hive),  ;morgan; Morgan (Morgan Industries),  ;lal; Lal (Peacekeepers),  ;sven Ulrik (Pirates),  ;domai; Domai (Free Drones),  ;cha; Cha Dawn (Planet Cult)
F(5):  ;deidre; Deirdre (Gaian),  ;santi; Santiago (Sparta),  ;miriam; Miriam (Believers),  ;aki; Aki (Cyber Consciousness),  ;roze; Rose (Data Angels)

Group #2
M(6):  ;kozlov Vadim (Slavic Union),  ;bolivar Reggi (Brazil),  ;barre Samatar (African Union),  ;hutama Hutama (Polistralia),  ;duncan Duncan (North Sea Alliance),  ;bemoon Moon (Chungsoo)
F(6):  ;daoming Daomin (Pan-Asian Association),  ;fielding Suzanna (APC),  ;elodie Elodie (Fiberia),  ;kavitha Kavita (Kavitan Protectorate),  ;lena Lena (INTEGR),  ;arshia Arshia (Al-Falah)

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Re: 12 x 12 - Factions discussion
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2021, 07:11:59 PM »
A variant of similarity of leaders by "ideology".

;zak; Zakharov and ;kozlov Vadim can be paired by their high science achievements.
The difference shows in the direction of achievements. Vadim tooks more practical science actions. Zakharov more theoretical.

;morgan; Morgan and  ;hutama Hutama by open capitalist views.
Ulrik and Duncan by sea priority and sea technology domination.

;domai; Domai and  ;arshia Arshia by worker class interests.
Domai has publicly open views on the public economy. Arshia's story bear context and subtext which sign on public economy interests.

;santi; Santiago and  ;bolivar Reginaldo by militaristic behavior and organization.

;miriam; Miriam and ;kavitha Kavita by pseudoscientific propaganda and way of people control.
There is a difference between them. Miriam uses modern techs, chemical substances, ideological propaganda, over-strict community hierarchy, all of this for control her people. It fosters fanaticism in people and in general looks quite radical.
On the contrary, Kavita's Protectorate looks very freely, with people who create more culture. But it's hard to see how she control all the things.

;roze; Rose and ;bemoon Moon by probe and spy addiction.
Both are using any chance to spy and probe opponents and friends, to achieve goals that only they understand.

;aki; Aki and ;fielding Suzanna by desire to be most effective.
Suzanna ready to use best techs to reach her goals even if it cause to loose a piece of her humanity. And Aki already done this.

;deidre; Deirdre and  ;lena Lena by ecological wisdom position.
Lenas story looks most Green from the rest. And both of them looks like taking rational decisions with care about future.

;yang; Yang and ;daoming Daomin by careness about society.
They have a different ways, but the same goal. Yang try to do it by Psycho conditions. Daomin try to do it by building a social care infrastructure.

;lal; Lal and ;elodie Elodie by a policy of double standards.
They can talk about high culture value but nothing stop them from crushing opponents like a bug.

;cha; Cha Dawn and ;barre Samatar by their relation with planet.
Cha Dawn is a Cult related to Planet. Samatar is an AgriCulture related to planet. And both this positions shows a big respect to Planet as a way and type of life.
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Re: 12 x 12 - Factions discussion
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2021, 07:41:21 PM »
Interesting to arrange by origin of the nationality.

Group #1
Caucasian or Europiod(6): Zakharov, Ulrik, Domai, Deirdre, Miriam, Aki.
Mongoloid(2): Yang, Cha Dawn.
Congoid or Equatorial(2): Morgan, Rose.
Australo-Melanesians(1): Lal.
Latinoamericanos(1): Santiago.

Group #2
Caucasian or Europiod(6): Vadim, Reggi, Hutama, Duncan, Elodie, Lena .
Mongoloid(2): Moon, Daomin.
Congoid or Equatorial(1): Samatar.
Australo-Melanesians(2): Kavita, Arshia.
Latinoamericanos(1): Suzanna.

As we can see here numbers shows the similar ratio of nationality of faction leaders in both groups.

The origin of a faction leader should not impose a strict rule on the nationality of the population of the faction. This is directly confirmed in the words of the opening video of Alpha Centauri.
Quote from: SMAC Intro
...divided not by nationality, but by ideology, and their vision for the new world...

In the story parts of Beyond Earth faction leaders we can't see a direct words of ideology of chosen factions. But we see the character of the Leaders and the actions that have made them leaders among the people around them. In the conditions of the Great Mistake event, people massively migrate across the globe, both and forcedly and arbitrarily. This gives a reason to consider that people have the opportunity of choosing which space program leader they want to join. Which faction represents their interests and eventually gets their skills and manpower.

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Re: 12 x 12 - Factions discussion
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2021, 01:04:39 AM »
Good analysis. Wasn't Moon meant to be sort of like Yang, in that he was super-disciplined and sinister?

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Re: 12 x 12 - Factions discussion
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2021, 10:03:41 AM »
Good analysis. Wasn't Moon meant to be sort of like Yang, in that he was super-disciplined and sinister?
Yes, they has a similarity in these qualities.

The Ideas driving them is different.
Yang has enough life wisdom to understand that needs of society is more important then his ambitions.
Moon is young and freaky enough to place own ambitions at first place disregard people needs.

This makes their ideology different and is expressed in different actions and judgments.


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