Supply Transport

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Supply Transport
Requires Industrial Automation
Attack 0
Cost 8

The Supply Transport module can be used to create units that harvest or transport nutrients, or minerals, or energy. Any unit with the Supply Transport module has no supply cost.

Selecting the ‘Convoy’ (‘O’) option on the ‘Action Menu’ brings up a menu from which you select the resources you wish to convoy:

  • if a supply transport is placed in a friendly base then it delivers available resources from its home base to the one where it is currently located
  • if a supply transport is outside a base, it delivers available resources from the square it occupies to its home base each turn

The unit cannot deliver resources from a square already being worked by a base’s citizens.

Convoy resources receive the benefits of facilities and secret projects in their home base that increase the resources collected.

Supply transports disbanded in friendly bases yield their full mineral value towards current production.

This module can be added to all chassis except missile.

  • Capacity: 2575 mt
  • Composition: reinforced plasteel
  • Armament: Sidearms only