Ecological Engineering

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Ecological Engineering
Ecological Engineering.png
“We can reshape this world”
Requires Centauri Ecology, Gene Splicing
Leads to Centauri Meditation, Environmental Economics
Terraform Plant Fungus, Plant Sea Fungus, Condenser, Echelon Mirror, Aquifer
AI priority
Conquer: 0, Discover: 0, Build: 3, Explore: 4
The prevalence of anoxic environments rich in organic material,

combined with the presence of nitrated compounds has
led to an astonishing variety of underground organisms which live in
the absence of oxygen and “breathe” nitrate. Likewise, the scarcity
of carbon in the environment has forced plants to economize on its use.
Thus, all our efforts to return carbon to the biosphere will encourage
the native life to proliferate. Conversely, the huge quantities
of nitrate in the soil will be heaven to human farmers.

—Lady Deirdre Skye,
“The Early Years”

Lifeforms have always shown remarkable skill at innovation and ingenuity in the face of environmental hurdles. Expansion on a new Planet highlights these traits once again in the form of Ecological Engineering. Based on the discoveries of Centauri Ecology and Gene Splicing, this research leads to new ways of thriving within the existing ecosystem, rather than competing with it.