Commerce (Advanced)

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Commerce is computed base by base between human factions with Treaties and Pacts, as follows:

  1. All bases for each faction are ranked from top to bottom by Energy output.
  2. Bases are paired off from top to bottom. If one faction has more bases, these are ignored.
  3. For each pair of bases, sum the combined economic output and divide by eight, rounding up.
  4. Double this value if a Global Trade Pact is in effect.
  5. For each individual base, the commerce formula is as follows: (ValueFromStep4) × (CommerceTech + 1) ÷ (TotalCommerceTech + 1) .
  6. CommerceTech is the total number of economic technologies discovered, plus faction & Economy bonuses.
  7. TotalCommerceTech is the total number of economic technologies discovered by all factions.
  8. Now, using the value from step five, divide by two if no Pact (only a Treaty).
  9. Add one if Planetary Governor.
  10. Reduce to 0 if sanctions are in effect against either faction.