Ecology (Advanced)

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The ecological damage formula is complex:

  1. For each base total the number of Mines, Solar Collectors, Farms, Soil Enrichers, Roads, Mag Tubes, Condensers, Mirrors, and Boreholes. Items in squares which are actually being worked count double.
  2. Add an extra +8 for each Borehole, +6 for each Mirror, and +4 for each Condenser.
  3. Subtract 1 for each Forest.
  4. Halve if base has Tree Farm, and Eliminate if also has Hybrid Forest.
  5. Divide this value by 8, and reduce by up to 16 plus # of previous damages. Set this number aside.
  6. Take the number of minerals produced this turn (but not from Orbit)
  7. If result from 5 was reduced by less than 16+#, reduce result 6 by remaining amount.
  8. Divide minerals by 1 plus # of Centauri Preserve, Temple of Planet, Nanoreplicator.
  9. Sum the values of (5) and (8), and add +5 for each major atrocity.
  10. If Alpha Prime is at perihelion (20 years out of every 80), double your value.

Ecology% = (ValueFromStep10) * Difficulty * Technologies * (3-PLANET) * LIFE / 300

Difficulty = Normally 3, but 5 on two highest two difficulty levels.

Technologies = Number of technologies discovered

PLANET = Social Engineering PLANET value

LIFE = Native life level (1-3) from Custom Start

See also Ecology (Revised).