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Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • I'm way, way happier with the new Free Market and Green economies, where both make you money and don't tie your hands about war.  I split the Planet damage between Free Market and Wealth and it's only -1 PLANET for each.  I've got more changes coming for 1.12, mainly I'm having to give up on "realism" for Growth and give Democrats like Lal the ability to pop boom.  Cybernetic is no longer going to be Planet hostile either, because of a bug with the Manifold Nexus where The Network Backbone doesn't give the net PLANET bonus it should.  Plus other things.

    I'm in the middle of a test game as the Spartans on an 80x160 Enormous map.  I'm doing well, but so are the Pirates and the Hive.  We're in the era of Level 5 techs.  I share a continent with Miriam and every time she gets uppity with me, I take one more city to make her settle down.  We started off right next to each other.  I was friendly for awhile, but eventually went Democratic and of course she lost her mind.  New Jerusalem was in a vacuole waiting to be devoured.  I'm proud of myself for having out-spread the Believers at the beginning, it usually goes the other way.  Well, maybe my mod makes her not so spammy at the very beginning now.

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  • I just got super griefed by the Hive, courtesy of one of those planetwide Conventional Missiles.  He attacked a remote base where I had 1 Scout and 2 Alien Artifacts.  I was unable to get them to anywhere safe for a long time, because I was busy, and being locally attacked as well.  What a total dick move!

    Perhaps 2 can play at that game.  I've contemplated the world destroying nuke idea, but it would take a lot of nukes to eliminate everyone at once, which would pretty much have to be the object of the exercise.  I could instead crank out enough Conventional Missiles to bring Yang to his knees.  Unless he's got so much unit spam that that's impossible.  Maybe it could help my ally Morgan invade him though.  They're next door and under heavy assault.  I've got the Elite military units, and my production is really ramping up now, but they're both really far away and I haven't wanted to do the unit pushing.  The unit pushing approach, would be a Marine invasion of the Hive.  Maybe I do missiles instead.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • The Hive is deploying this massive, worrisome Orbital Defense Pod screen.  Fortunately, he hasn't made many nukes, nor shown signs of wishing to launch the ones he has.  Although, I would mainly wish him to not launch at me.  If he wants to piss off the rest of the world that would be fine / great.  Anyways, I think he's a little too successful at this.  So I do what all good game designers do: I change the rules to undermine his strategy!   ;lol

    In 1.12 I'm taking away his IMPUNITY to Planned economy.  He still gets it for Police State, he wouldn't be Yang if he didn't get that.  I think it's a bit overpowered for him to have 2 IMPUNITYs though.  So, likely for the first time ever, the Hive will be able to have negative EFFIC if it really wants to.  That's not such a bad future for it, with Free Market being far less onerous, and Green being a viable economic choice.  I also took away their secondary choice preference for POLICE.  They already have a lot of POLICE, they don't need to obsess.  If they want to blow their POLICE on Free Market and researchy stuff, I say let them.  It might make the AI Hive more interesting.

    Meanwhile the Pirates are also winning.  Not so defense pod oriented, yet, but they have put up a few.  They're out-researching most everybody, including me.  Thing is, I designed them to do this.  I designed the map with enough ocean to allow them to do this.  They're a Wealthy terror.  They're also too far away for me to want to spend the mouse clicks beating them up.  I don't even want to go after the Hive!  The Enormous map protects them with mouseclicks.  Just can't stand pushing units that far.

    The University, on the other hand, is uppity, weak, next door, and declared war on me again.  They have a few Secret Projects worth having, so they're going down for good.  No more tolerance of harassment and insubordination.  My mainland is fully "built out", I even made Echelon Mirrors this game, something I never do.  Genjack Factories are online and humming.  Nasty ships and Amphibious Hovertanks will be ready soon.  The University occupies a small island to the northwest.  I figure those tanks will deliver the maximum number of strikes per boatload.

    I'm Democratic Free Market Power Cybernetic.  And I am Elite!  With my pop booming earlier, thanks again to 1.12 rules, I secured the Governorship.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • I found a really good case use for Conventional Missiles.  You've got some remote enemy base, and you've got 1 ship near it, but you can't be bothered to push a bunch of military units that way.  Call for an orbital strike!  Worked wonders at suppressing a buildup of air force near my Manifold Nexus.  It's expensive, but if you've got the industrial capacity, it's convenient.

    I have stolen Advanced Spaceflight and am now putting up a screen of Flechette Defense Systems.  I'm slightly behind on tech and need to steal some important Secret Project stuff.  I don't really want Zhakarov to complete The Network Backbone, I want it in my own capitol.  I've got my Hovertank Marines ready for the invasion, and I've launched some warships to screen my approach, but I haven't created all the needed Transports yet.  I could also stand to steal better armor and upgrade.  I have a lot of money due to my Free Market, but I have a number of disparate expensive concerns and will probably have to make choices for the next few turns.

    the Hive are eco weenies
    the Hive are eco weenies

    My effort to raise a land bridge to the continent that has my Manifold Nexus on it, has been a bit of a morass.  I just raised the most spectacular of resource bonuses, 3 at once, totally cutting off my approach.  So now I'm going down to the South Pole again.  Meanwhile Yang has triggered mild flooding.  It's not much so far, only estmated 66 meters, but that's enough to wipe out the South Pole.  Most of my rail was not built on the South Pole, but a land strip next to it, knowing that this could happen.  I will reconnect my rail when the flooding settles.  If it's not obvious, the reason I adopted this circuitous route to begin with, is I fully developed those coastal shelf tiles before I had the excess Former capacity to make a bridge.  There's nothing to do on my mainland anymore.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • what Fundamentalist research looks like
    what Fundamentalist research looks like

    Oh my God!  I really didn't expect this.  Miriam just completely cold cocked Zhakarov.  Isn't it interesting that I'm the only faction not obligated to go to war with her?  Doubly amusing is that only 2 new factions declared war.  The rest were already trying to get her.  If Yang decides to nuke Miriam, this is very good for me.

    Unfortunately The Planetary Datalinks was a casualty of this atrocity.  Nice knowing it.

    Yang tossed Conventional Missiles at those 2 outposts I took over recently, with my own Conventional Missiles.  The AI has no problem contemplating orbital bombardment warfare.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • only time I ever liked this event
    only time I ever liked this event

    Well that's one way to gain parity in an Orbital Defense Pod race.  I didn't have a thing in the sky.  Too busy building Secret Projects I stole or researched.  Now that's done, I still have to build Hab Domes to make good on The Cloning Vats I built.

    I've taken all 3 of Zhakarov's Secret Project cities, but my forces are barely alive for having done so.  Chaos Hovertank Marines aren't any good against ECM Photon armor behind a city wall.  Even with Elite units, many died.  My idea of getting multiple shots from the Hovertank platform was false economy.  They're horribly expensive units and I really needed that +25% infantry assault bonus against cities.

    Zhakarov has got a substantial reserve in 1 city that could take it all back, if he had half a brain.  Fortunately he doesn't.  Yang occasionally peppers me with missiles though, making my situation even more strained.  I'm trying to build a land bridge to the island, but it will be awhile before it connects, or even gets within paradrop range.  I've got ok command of the ocean and could probably ferry units back and forth, if I have time to make ships before everything collapses.

    I said I would have to make choices.  I did get all my Secret Projects done, and I think growing my population is more important even than holding the island.  The Pirates are unrestricted and they're the one I stole the Hab Domes from.  Their cities aren't as maxed as mine, and I don't think the AI is smart enough to do a pop boom.

    A turn later... Yang wipes my feeble defenders with his air force.  I'm on my last legs, but I have the last laugh!  With one remaining probe team, I take the 3400 credits generated from that solar storm, and buy the last University stronghold!  How's that for pulling it out of nowhere?  And it was cheap too, only 625 credits, because I long since wiped out his Headquarters.  It's Zhakarov, you can buy him.  He has 2 dismal cities left in the water.  Still this fool won't surrender.

    Garrisoning problem totally solved now.  Got fresh University donated troops to fortify everything.  When I get this land bridge finished, Yang's dead.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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    Changed from version 1.11 to 1.12:

    - Fundamentalist: removed GROWTH bonus.  Added +1 SUPPORT bonus.  Reduced RESEARCH penalty to -1.  Added -1 ECONOMY penalty.  I find that a -2 RESEARCH penalty really cripples the AI factions.  Fundamentalist is deliberately made very similar to a Police State.  Historically, considering Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, cult behavior was a key part of their regimes.
    - Democratic: reduced EFFIC bonus to +1.  Added +1 GROWTH bonus.  I want the Peacekeepers to be able to pop boom.
    - Survival: removed MORALE bonus.  The Spartans can research C2 Doctrine:Loyalty, go Fundamentalist, and get Elite units.  That's way too early.  They should have to research C4 Advanced Military Algorithms and learn Power.
    - Knowledge: reduced RESEARCH bonus to +1.  Added +1 PLANET bonus.
    - Wealth: removed GROWTH penalty.  Added -1 MORALE penalty.  I made it too difficult to start a population boom.
    - Eudaimonic: removed PLANET bonus.  Raised GROWTH bonus to +2.  I need to make it possible to pop boom.
    - Cybernetic: removed PLANET penalty.  Added -1 PROBE penalty.  The Network Backbone has a bug.  It is supposed to cancel the negative effects of Cybernetic, so having it and the Manifold Nexus should yield +1 PLANET.  But it doesn't, it yields 0 PLANET.  As I don't know how to fix the bug, the simplest solution is to remove the PLANET penalty.
    - Biogenetics: set growth=2 so that an Explore focus can research it.  It improves alien life cycles and those have traditionally been regarded as Explore techs.
    - Information Networks: set power=1, wealth=2, and growth=2 so that non-Discover foci can research it.  It's too much of a bottleneck when nobody else figures it out.
    - Optical Computers: set power=2, wealth=2, and growth=2 so that non-Discover foci can research it.  The Planetary Datalinks make every kind of tech available and is of interest to all research foci.  Optical Computers should be treated similarly.
    - Digital Sentience: set power=2.  Reduced because all it does for conquering is increase probe team morale.
    - Changed various tech dependencies to keep research foci more pure.
    - Cult of Planet: removed SUPPORT bonus.  They already have IMPUNITY to Fundamentalist and now that gives a +1 SUPPORT bonus.
    - Believers: removed SUPPORT bonus.  Changed secondary social priority from SUPPORT to nil, giving them more options to make social engineering choices.  Fundamentalist now gives a +1 SUPPORT bonus, so the Believers don't need that boost anymore.
    - Hive: removed IMPUNITY to Planned economy.  Changed secondary social priority from POLICE to nil.  Giving them IMPUNITY to 2 choices seemed a bit overpowered.  They don't need to obsess about getting more POLICE, they can already use a lot of POLICE freely.
    - The Citizen's Defense Force: moved to C3 Advanced Subatomic Theory.  It was taking way too long just to get some free Perimeter Defenses.
    - Punishment Sphere: made cost and maintenance equivalent to a Recreation Commons.  No regime has ever spent a great deal of money on torturing people.  It is a cheap way to make people behave.  Punishment Spheres cut research in half, that's sufficient reason not to use them.

    The attachment limit per post is 5, and I eventually ran out of room at the top of the thread.  Consequently, this becomes the new home of version 1.12. It was downloaded 12 times before I moved it here.
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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • that was a lot of mouseclicks
    that was a lot of mouseclicks

    Mission Year 2338.  I complete my causeway to the conquered University cities, the same year I complete the Space Elevator.  I have a lot of options for invasion.  None of them do me immediate good against the Pirate empire, who have a quite thorough moat around them that I can't orbital drop into.  The Hive is in the way by land.  The Hive is strong, fielding many Orbital Defense Pods and destroying whatever the Pirates and I launch to oppose him.  However with the Space Elevator my satellite costs become much cheaper, and that will turn the tide.  Messing with the Hive on the ground isn't going to help him any either.

    To be honest though, my military machine has been constrained by the need to pacify the University cities, trying to build them into something worthwhile.  It's been expensive, and maybe I should have just put Punishment Spheres everywhere and called it a day.  I'm thinking Yang's citizens might be at home in a Sphere though.  Plus his cities are so far away from my capitol, they will likely never yield any energy or research.

    The Pirates actually lead in research in some respects.  At least, they're building a Secret Project I don't have.  Those 2 little black dots on the screen, near the Pirate dots, are my attempt to throw my last 2 Cruiser Probe Teams at his lead city and get that tech.  I've stolen from this base a few times before, so there's a good chance they'll just die.  If so, then I'll need to do some kind of drop probe team, maybe with a drop vehicle to protect them from injury upon landing.  It's been awhile since I've done orbital combat, or frankly had any need of it.  I don't remember it going terribly well last time, hence my tendency to build massive causeways.

    I have access to a lot of exotic armor and weaponry, including antimatter, and now Plasma Shards which do 14 damage in this mod.  But these weapons are so expensive to produce, I question the utility.  I could have built a bigger round of factories, but I haven't, for fear of the eco-damage they'll do.  Lack of fusion engines really ups the stakes on how many minerals you have to cough up, which makes global catastrophe pretty likely if you give into the impulse.  I will think about cheapening the unit mineral costs to make this all less painful.  On the other hand, I'll think about forcing people to build big factories if they want this badass stuff.  This is an area where playtester feedback would be most appreciated.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • I don't yet have the productivity I need for the super weapons I know how to build.  I find myself needing to upgrade to Robotic Assembly Plants.  I want to be able to chuck out 1 Gas Plasma Shard infantry per turn.  Then I can swamp Yang with Elite 14-1-1 units.  The Pirates I've realized are vulnerable along their coasts to Marine attacks.  I could take a number of Secret Projects that way, as long as I find places to orbital drop, then build airbases to reinforce.  I'm also starting to build up at the north end of my ally Morgan's land, but I've only moved Police units there so far.  I simply don't have much in the way of offensive units.  I'm using Heavy Drop Transports to move land units around.  These have a cargo capacity of 2.  My rail effort around the conquered University lands is stalled, as those cities needed some farming.

    I'm thinking that hovertanks should be cheaper to build.  There's no point putting them earlier in the tech tree, if they're too expensive to build in practice.

    I don't have any good way to steal from the Pirates.  They killed the 2 Cruisers I sent their way, it was pretty sad.  If Probe Teams could be amphibious, then I could drop and steal from coastal cities.  If I make that possible, unfortunately the AI will never figure it out, so it'll only be a player advantage.  I could predefine a unit, then maybe the AI would use them.

    Units seem to completely stop their movement when they orbital drop, so this isn't going to be all that useful for drop and infiltrate anyways.  Units dropped in a Drop Transport still have all their moves used up.  I could have sworn there was some circumstance where one still gets moves remaining.  I can't seem to come up with that now though.

    Militarily I may be stalled, but votewise I'm tremendous.  If I got Clinical Immortality I think I would win the game.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • There will be a 1.13 release.  I've allowed Amphibious Pods to be put on non-combat units, which include Probe Teams.  I created a Drop Marine Probe Team.  With my orbital insertion capability, I dropped into some fungus, 2 squares away from a coastal sea base deep in the Pirate backwaters.  That ended my movement.  Next turn, I stole the tech!  Very useful.

    I'm also able to make land Transport units that can move into coastal sea bases.  That may seem weird, but it's a situation that does come up.  You want some kind of Transport available in your coastal sea base, because you want ordinary units without amphibious capability to be able to move to and from the base onto land.  Such as for terraforming, or for defense or assault.  Yet, you may not be able to get a Transport there by an ocean route, due to geography or intervening dangers.  So now, you can come by land.  If you have orbital insertion, you can land an Amphibious Drop Transport next to the base, then move into the base next turn.  So now my main, highly productive empire, has a way to supply distant outposts, without having to invade the Believers or drive a rail head to the distant site.

    I'll be allowing Amphibious Pods for ships as well.  I expect that for combat units, it will be useful for attacking land units on the coast.  I wonder if it will allow me to invade coastal land cities with a ship as well?  This will need some playtesting, to see if allowing "invasion ships" is a good idea in terms of fairness or not.  My current thought is, since you have to research Doctrine:Initiative anyways, why not?

    I'm building a Sea Former with amphibious capability to see if it allows me to do anything interesting.  I think it would be great if I could move such a unit on both land and sea!  Bet it doesn't do that though.  Need to make sure it doesn't crash the game, for being weird.

    I'm going to look at expanding Drop Pod capabilities as well, such as for air and sea units.  I'd like to be able to drop such units from orbit, then have them sail in and attack.  I don't see why not.  It's the Future.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • I haven`t tried your mod yet but it looks very interesting. Good job.
    Will try this one for sure.

    I have been deciding for a while what unofficial patch I would stay with in the long term. I appreciate
    Yitzi's work but it looks as if it introduces some new bugs and technical problems with it as well. Kyrub's patch for SMACX is probably more stable but lacks a bit in the AI department compared to his SMAC patch. What I really want is to play SMACX as close to vanilla as possible but with a more balanced AI. What is nice about your mod is that it doesn`t touch the exe, and that I believe is a good thing.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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  • I've tried to do what I could at the modding level to improve the AI's play.  I think the Pirates are definitely better now, pursuing Wealth.  Something interesting I'm trying in 1.13, is making sea units substantially cheaper.  A speeder and a foil now cost the same.  A cruiser and a hovertank cost the same.  I haven't fully tested it, but I think the effect is to make it substantially easier to run an empire on water.  That helps anyone who starts on an island that's too small.

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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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    Changed from version 1.12 to 1.13:

    - Amphibious Pods: now allowed for non-combat units such as Probe Teams and land Transports.  Good for probing Pirate coastal sea bases!  Also useful for one's own coastal sea bases, as land Transports can move back and forth from the base.
    - Foil, Cruiser: cut costs of chassis in half.  Now equivalent to Speeder and Hovertank costs, respectively.  With no Fusion engines until the end of the game, it's very expensive to outfit acceptable ships.  Moving by water is inherently faster than moving on land, in the absence of roads, so sayeth human history.  It should be a better deal to move with ships than with land units.
    - Pulse 3 Armor, Resonance 3 Armor: reduced cost from 5 to 4, equivalent to Silksteel Armor.  These armors have the strength of Plasma Armor, which only costs 3.  In a mostly Fission game, these differences in cost matter quite a lot, and it shouldn't be so expensive for what it provides.
    - Pulse 8 Armor, Resonance 8 Armor: reduced cost from 11 to 10, equivalent to Antimatter Plate.  They have the strength of Neutronium armor, which only costs 8.
    - Resonance Laser: reduced cost from 8 to 7.  A Chaos gun has strength 8 and costs 8.  A Missile Launcher has strength 6 and costs 6.  A Resonance Laser has strength 6 and gives a 25% bonus to attacks in psi combat.  It should cost more than a Missile Launcher, but not much more.
    - Resonance Bolt: reduced cost from 16 to 14.  Same reasoning.
    - Cloaking Device: now allowed for Sea and Air units.
    - Drop Pods: now allowed for Sea and Air units.
    - Nerve Gas Pods, Sopoforic Gas Pods: now allowed for Sea units.  I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be.
    - Drop Pods, Empath Song, Clean Reactor, Dissociative Wave: reduced cost from 2 to 1.  This is equivalent to 50% unit cost increase vs. 25% increase.  In a mostly Fission game, a 50% increase results in extremely expensive units, so I want to shave these costs where I can.  These are all "interesting" abilities, that players had to do a lot of research in the tech tree to gain.  I'd like players to actually use them, rather than waiting even longer to use them, because they cost too much without Fusion engines.
    - Comm Jammer, Hypnotic Trance: changed to a straight cost of 1, instead of a variable cost of 0, 1, or 2.  As amusing as it's been over the years to design all kinds of units "so I can get zero cost for Trance or ECM" out of a weapon and armor combination, it's tedious as a game mechanic, and wastes a lot of unit design slots.  In a mostly Fission game this is a problem, because old unit designs aren't obviously obsolete, being much cheaper to produce than newer designs.  It's also super annoying when playing the Cult of Planet, because everyone else has piles of units that have a free defense against your primary offense.  If players want a defensive advantage against mindworms, they can pay for that.  They also now have a more reasonable offensive advantage against mindworms, as Empath Song costs less now.  I think this grand experiment in simplifying the mechanics, will work out.
    - Heavy Artillery: now costs 0 no matter what kind of combat unit it is.  It's simply a choice of how you want your gun to work.  I see no military reason why an armored or fast artillery piece should have egregious cost.  It should simply cost more, and you are already paying more for armor or a faster chassis.  Interesting thing to note is, armor won't help you in an artillery duel at all.  It will help you if some other kind of unit attacks your artillery though.
    - Heavy Artillery: now allowed for Air units.  I think flying bombardment is a really good idea, and so did people in World War II.  This can be especially useful against a big stack of Isles of the Deep that pops up at sea.  If combined with Air Superiority, it can be useful against a big stack of Locusts of Chiron that pops up in the air.

    The attachment limit per post is 5, and I eventually ran out of room at the top of the thread.  Consequently, this becomes the new home of version 1.13. It was downloaded 15 times before I moved it here.
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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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    Changed from version 1.13 to 1.14:

    - Fusion Power: now a C6 tech.  Putting Fusion and Quantum engines at the end of the tech tree didn't work.  Game played fine before that, but then you got update spam for Fusion, Quantum, and Singularity engines all in a row.  No point bunching them up like that.  Had to either take them out of the game, or spread them out more like the original game.  I chose the latter.
    - Quantum Power: now a C9 tech.  Removed Quantum Laser.
    - Reshuffled endgame techs and changed various dependencies to fill holes in tech tree.
    - Weapons: restored attack power ratings and costs of the original game.  The weapons artwork is tied to attack power, and I think it's better if the weapons look unique.  Fortunately armor doesn't have this problem.
    - Armor: defense and cost is now equal to attack of weapons at the same tech level.  The strongest armor in the game is now the Singularity Shield with a strength of 30.  I found that in late game, an enemy's Chaos Gun (attack 8 ) was cutting my Neutronium Armor (defense 8 ) to shreds.  It takes a lot more research to get Neutronium Armor, so that's just not right.  Combat seems to favor the attacker too much, so armor needs to be beefed up.  For years I've heard people complain that armor isn't even worth putting on units, because it doesn't do any good.

    - Believers: set their research focus to Conquer only.  They need to research Fundamentalist as fast as possible to get more SUPPORT.  Otherwise they risk stagnation.  Once they go Fundamentalist, they probably can't afford to spread out their tech efforts in multiple categories.
    - Cult of Planet: set ai-fight=0 making them Erratic.  Before they were Aggressive, but the mindworms they accumulate from beating the bush aren't a decisive force.  They need to take their time to build up and not just make enemies fast.
    - Gaians: got rid of incorrect text about them having a POLICE penalty.  They don't; that was removed quite awhile ago.

    - Doctrine:Flexibility: set power=4 and growth=3, making it a C1 tech.  Ships are more important to combat and conquest than I had acknowledged.  Aside from rapid force projection, they are the earliest form of artillery.  That's really useful against Spore Launchers and enemy Scouts.  Ships need to be rapidly researched by all factions, as stillborn tiny island starts are still possible, if rare.  Some factions have a pure Conquer focus, but no factions have a pure Explore or Build focus, so having it as a Conquer tech will help more factions.
    - Orbital Spaceflight: set growth=3 because missiles can be used to scout large areas of Planet.
    - Advanced Spaceflight: set growth=3 because Orbital Defense Pods reveal all of Planet.
    - Fusion Power, Quantum Power, Singularity Mechanics: set wealth=3 and growth=3.  Bigger reactors cheapen unit build costs and make air and sea units move faster.
    - Mind/Machine Interface: made Digital Sentience a prereq instead of Homo Superior.  It had the same prereqs as The Will to Power.
    - Secrets of Alpha Centauri: set power=3 and wealth=3.   It increases energy production in fungus squares.  The Telepathic Matrix gives probe teams +2 morale.
    - Graviton Theory: set growth=3 because Antigrav Struts make units move faster.

    - Battle Ogres: gave them Trance, Empath, and High Morale abilities.  Changed their AI "plan" from 0 "Offense" to -1 "Autocalculate", hoping it might improve their suicidal tendencies.  The AI wastes Ogres at the beginning of the game, marching them into fungus until mindworms kill them.  The extra abilities will help them hold up slightly longer against mindworms.  Even with these settings, defending against a mindworm larva and then attacking a spore launcher, will knock the Ogre down to 80% wounded.
    - Terraforming Unit: reduced cost from 6 to 4, equivalent to a Troop Transport module or a Particle Impactor weapon.
    - Carrier Deck: removed cost increase for land units.  A Drop Carrier can be a useful land unit for orbital insertions.  It allows drop air units to return to orbit without building an Airbase.  Generally speaking, I'm not interested in penalizing interesting unit designs with extra costs.  The game takes long enough as it is, and everything is expensive with Fission power.
    - Antigrav Struts: now allowed for Sea and Air units.

    The attachment limit per post is 5, and I eventually ran out of room at the top of the thread.  Consequently, this becomes the new home of version 1.14. It was downloaded 17 times before I moved it here.
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    Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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    Changed from version 1.14 to 1.15:

    - Believers: now immune to MINDCONTROL.  May now use Knowledge; may not use Cybernetic.   Added +1 GROWTH.  The Believers had become the most uninteresting, most penalized faction of the game.  A 25% attack bonus isn't enough to get excited about, nor is +1 PROBE actually helpful for anything.  I want them to have something that makes them worth playing as a faction, instead of the "please make my research go slow, for no benefit" faction.  The GROWTH bonus gives them more flexibility for pop booming.  The prejudicial concept of space Christians being anti-knowledge is done away with, so Isaac Newton can rest easily in his grave now.  However, the lore of the game indicates that Miriam clearly hates the idea of merging with machines, or having them run any aspect of civilization.  Denying the Cybernetic choice is actually more of a RESEARCH penalty over the long haul.  Also, Knowledge gives +1 PLANET, and I don't think the Believers should be denied a pro-Planet lifestyle.
    - Drones: increased NODRONES to 2.  Added +1 GROWTH.  Changed secondary social priority from INDUSTRY to nil.  The Drones need to keep up with the bonuses of other factions, and now the AI has more flexibility in its social engineering choices.  I've played Drones as either Free Market or Planned, it often depends on where I'm at in the game.
    - Hive: removed ECONOMY Penalty.  Reinstated +1 GROWTH bonus.  They need to keep up with the bonuses of other factions.  Pop booming is usually impossible without Democratic, so now they have the capability.
    - Morganites: added +1 EFFIC.  Raised ECONOMY bonus to +2.  Changed secondary social priority from ECONOMY to nil.  Most factions can now do Free Market the beginning of the game without any serious consequences, readily achieving +2 ECONOMY.  Having the Morganites get merely +1 ECONOMY is underpowered.  Many factions get 3 social engineering benefits, so now the Morganites follow suit.  He has the flexibility to make money almost no matter what.  His bonus and Free Market alone put him at +4 ECONOMY, so he is freed from slavishly pursuing even more ECONOMY.
    - Peacekeepers: added +2 GROWTH bonus.  Changed secondary social priority from GROWTH to nil.  The Peacekeepers need to keep up with the bonuses of other factions.  Previously the AI was compelled to try to pop boom.  Hopefully it will still try to do so, with more flexibility, but it is not compelled to.
    - University: corrected text about PROBE penalty.  It's only -1.
    - Nerve Gas Pods: moved to C2 Doctrine: Loyalty.  I thought Advanced Military Algorithms was too crowded with stuff.  The prereqs for Doctrine: Loyalty are Applied Physics and High Energy Chemistry, i.e. political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.  Science-wise, it's appropriate for nerve gas to be the next development.  Let the atrocities begin early and often!
    - Soporific Gas Pods: moved to C2 Progenitor Psych.  Previously if the Aliens weren't in the game, it was a useless technology.
    - Heavy Artillery: back to not allowed for Air units.  The keystroke "F" for long distance Fire, doesn't actually work for Air units and I don't see a way to fix it.
    - Biogenetics: set power=1.  A Biology Lab increases alien lifecycle, so it is nominally a conquest capability.  However at the beginning of the game, the player can't make mindworms.  So as conquest techs go, this has marginal value.  Conquer focused factions with weak research, such as the Believers, end up researching this instead of something more useful for conquest.  However I don't want to set it to 0, because those same factions need a very basic way to improve their labs output.
    - Centauri Ecology: set power=2.  Roads are important for land conquest.


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