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Cha Dawn braves the unknown

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I have a mindworm and a recon rover ready to strike the Ogre next turn.  This incident will resolve in my favor shortly.  I find that spore launcher shelling does also scratch the Ogre a little.

Probe teams in 11 years, with luck.

The Jungle may be empty.  Marr may have just taken a very long walk with the Battle Ogre from somewhere else.  Or maybe he did come on a slow Transport.  I've left my strong mindworms and spore launcher behind a line of fungus, forming a natural border.  I have a weak mindworm scouting back and forth.  I cloned my Recon Rover while I was at it, so the free one is heading back to base.

Unfortunately I researched Ethical Calculus.  I traded it to Santiago for Information Networks.  She hasn't claimed any knowledge of other factions, despite my best prodding.  I'm too busy colonizing to worry about putting ships to sea right now.  Next tech in 18 years.

The Monsoon Jungle looks unoccupied, but it seems to have been cleared of pods, perhaps by Marr's Ogre.  If he walked through this, it could be part of a vast landmass.  Or he could have landed on a slow Transport with the Ogre and walked it.

While waiting for tech, I decided to talk to Santiago again.  She didn't have any but agreed on a Pact.

Not completely cleared of pods after all.  Perhaps Marr came from the north, made a more or less straight line south, then turned east.  That would explain the sinister Monolith I found.  How he managed to elude me on my own lands with my mindworms running about, remains a mystery to me.

Lacking a credible threat, I started using the larval mindworm as a scout.  The rest I've kept back as a defensive line.  The larva ran into another larva and killed it.  Then it healed at the Monolith to become pre-boil.  I will still scout with that, as it's the weakest mindworm I have.  Now it also has a screen of scouts to more or less accompany it.  I replaced all my garrisons with Hardened Trance Scouts.  That won't help against Marr, but it will against mindworms.

I've begun The Human Genome Project in a "food and forests" city.  The Usurpers and the Drones have been working on The Weather Paradigm.

Santiago seems to have verified that the Jungle is all mine.  Provided nobody interlopes before I actually colonize it.  I figure Marr arrived by transport, but where from is a mystery.

Santiago got me in touch with Roze.  Santiago was sporting Planetary Networks at the time, which had me a bit concerned about Roze being unwilling to trade it again.  But sure enough, she was in the giveaway mood, and I got it for something dumb.  From Roze, I got Chairman Yang's frequency.  Who was also in a giveaway mood and traded me Doctrine:Loyalty for something done.  So I've clearly got some priorities now: build build build!

Yang wanted me to fight Roze, but I refused.  He swore a Pact with me anyways.  Yang has the USS Unity crash site in his territory, so now I know where Domai and Zhakarov are.  They are the 2 bright dots on the minimap.  Domai is at the left side of the map southwest of me.  Domai is at the bottom of the map, south-by-southeast of me.

What to research now?  I wasn't expecting to get probe teams this quickly.  Well, how about Explore?  I don't need to be Green, but I might want to make my own mindworms.  Now that I know the immediate threat is not coming from the land, I should get some ships in the water and try to capture some Isles of the Deep.


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